NFL Down On "Revamped" Jaguars, AGAIN!!!

I was on to do my daily runthrough of the new news the nfl has to offer. I found an article on called NFL Power Ranking: Post Preseason Week 1, which ranks teams based on how good/ bad teams did in week 1 of the preseason, by: Elliot Harrison. I scrolled down to find the Jaguars at 29 because of... if you couldn't guess, Blaine Gabbert!!! Here is what the article said...

"Blaine Gabbert's pocket awareness continue to be an issue, as evident to the final drive against the Giants last week, when he held the ball too long and fumbled on an Adrian Tracy sack. That said, the bigger concern was Mel Tucker's defensive unit, which allowed the Giants to score points on four straight possessions in the first half. Trust Tucker to to turn that around, but a healthy pass rush sure would help."

Based off of what I've read, it's apparent that NFL Writers don't focus on the good the Jaguars HAVE done. They only focus on the bad. Some things the writers apparently don't look into, when they talk about the Jaguars, is the roster/ injuries/ good things the Jaguars HAVE done.

Roster- What I mean by the roster is the NFL only knows the Jaguars because of MJD. Because he isn't in camp, and probably won't play this season, people only look at the Jaguars as a team set to fail. I know MJD is great, but RJ (Rashad Jennings) is decent. When I think of the way RJ plays, I think of Michael Turner, only younger. If the NFL isn't going to talk about anything the Jaguars HAVE done that is good, why bother getting people to start thinking, "Now we know there will be 31 teams competing for the Super Bowl!"??? Other than MJD/ RJ, the Jaguars have a talented roster. Offensively, they have Greg Jones/ Montell Owens/ Justin Blackmon/ Laurent Robinson/ Marcedes Lewis/ Eugene Monroe/ Brad Meester/ Uche Nwaneri/ Eben Britton. Defensively, they have Jeremy Mincey/ Andre Branch/ Tyson Alualu/ Terrance Knighton/ Daryl Smith, the most underrated player in the NFL,/ Paul Posluszny/ Rashean Mathis/ Derek Cox/ Aaron Ross/ Dwight Lowery/ Dawan Landry. On Special Teams, they have the thunder and lightning of Special Teams, Josh Scobee/ Bryan Anger

Injuries- What I mean by injuries is how injured the Jaguars got/ are defensively last season/ now. The Jaguars, last season, had the most players on IR. So far, they have Daryl Smith/ Clint Session/ Austen Lane/ Terrance Knighton/ Tyson Alualu/ Rashean Mathis/ Derek Cox placed on the injury list.

Good Things the Jaguars HAVE Done- This is a very obvious thing. Can you name, at least 3 things NFL writers have said about the Jaguars, Blaine Gabbert in particular???

Here is the URL of the report-

My opinion is my opinion, but I would like to know what you guys think about the whole situation.

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