Blaine Gabbert- 4000 Yards 28 Td's 8 Int's

Thats my prediction for the new look Gabbert

Gabbert showed Huge improvment in the first pre season game Vs the Giants.Everything from his footwork to his throwing motion was on point.He was accurate on some key throws in the game that really impressed me.

A key 3rd down conversion on an out rout to Free agent acquisition Laurent Robinson

A long curl to slot wide out Mike "T-Rex" Thomas

And to end the drive a nice td pass in the corner of the end zone to Cecil Shorts

Gabbert showed pocket presence wich any Jaguars fan knows he did not have at all last year.He also was not scared when he was pressured in the pocket.Blaine showed Jaguars fans somthing to be excited about without possibly his best wr , Justin Blackmon.

The offensive Line should improve alot

With Eben Britton finally looking healthy , He could really boster that RT spot that killed the Jaguars the last couple years.

Will Rackley was a rookie last year who didnt have a camp.Although he got a high ankle sprain and missed most of this camp he should still improve.

The WR core is so much better then it was last year.Not only did the Jaguars sign free agent Laurent Robinson they also moved up in the draft to take WR Justin Blackmon.

Gabbert and Robinson have clicked in training camp getting there timing down better everyday.Justin blackmon has only been in camp a couple of days yet he's already getting raves.Blackmons first day in pads he caught two red zone TD's from Gabbert.

Lewis looks to be better this offseason then he did last year.Hopefully he can come back from his ugly year and be a good big target for Gabbert.

Mike Thomas was thrown in to a spot last year that he did not fit.T-Rex is a slot WR and he was forced to be an outside guy.Now that he's back in the role he belongs in , Thomas should be a very good target for Gabbert as the first pre season game showed.

Other guys who should help Gabbert improve- Cecil shorts(Obvious Improvment) Rashad Jennings(I.R.)


Gabbert had possibly the worst Coaches a rookie qb could have.

Del rio(A head coach knowing it was his last year)

An Offensive Corrdinator who said MJD every play guys

A QB coach who was really a WR coach and did not know crap about the QB spot.

Now Gabbert has the correct Coaches

Correct playmakers around him

Gabbert should have a good season , Lets go Jags!

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