Maurice Jones-Drew: Trade Scenario #4

Back by popular demand (just kidding) is the Maurice Jones-Drew Trade Scenarios. Up until now, we've discussed the possibility of Maurice Jones-Drew being traded. Admittedly, this is an extremely hypothetical situation. There has been a lot of criticism on this topic, and I'd like to set a few things straight:

1. I do not expect this to happen.

2. This should be regarded as a for-fun look at (hypothetically) if MJD did hit the trade market, who would be interested? Why would they be interested? What could the Jaguars gain out of it? Does MJD have a say in it? If so, what could he possibly be looking for? And finally, why wouldn't said place be a good choice?

3. If you are not particularly interested in this topic, please remind yourself of the above #1. I welcome you to disagree and start a discussion/debate, but please, lets keep it classy.

Since we last discussed here, here and here, a few things have changed. Most notably, it's a week later and still no sign from Jones-Drew. My intuition tells me that Maurice has prepared himself for missing games or else he'd be here by now. We're at well-beyond point made status.

There's a certain point where this will become a distraction. There's a certain point where players will start talking. I believe Mularky and company have done a great job of leading by example on the matter and it has appeared to trickle downward. Come week 4, heading into a big game of the Bengals we have a considerable shot at being 3-0. We also have a considerate shot of being 3-0 with "Where's MJD" plastered all over the media. People will talk, and it will inevitably be a distraction. I'm not thinking a locker room seperating, losing sleep and games over it kind of distraction, but one the team would be better off without.

My last trickle of pseudo-evidence is the remarks made recently by Shad Khan, "Train is leaving the, get on it." To me, for an owner to say this is two things. First, its a not so subtle way of telling the media, fans and MJD himself, that he can come and catch up and still be on the same track as the team. Second, it's directly telling Jones-Drew that this team will leave the station without him.

Originally meant for 6 editions, I have cut things down to just 5. Find out which team got taken off and why, and the 4th team in the series after the jump:

UPDATE: Maurice Jones-Drew Open To Being Traded, According To Report ; read this after I posted this article (although Alfie's was posted, first). Very interesting.

Team: Green Bay Packers

I expected this to be among the least popular of the 6 (second only to what you will read below). The argument for me was simple. Can MJD be the difference between a great Packers offense and another Super Bowl? While the passing game is far more important to a football team game to game, I believe that playoff games tend to lean towards a more conservative offense. I also believe that a guy like Jones-Drew being capable of still being physical in cold December/January weather could deflate opposing defenses and keep Rodgers safe.

Ultimately, I decided that it wasn't reflective of the Packers Organization to trade picks for a veteran when they already acquired a veteran (Benson) in the off season. By week 4 or 5, if it becomes evident that the Packers running game has no life or there is an injury to Benson/Sparks...I might turn around and put the Packers closer to the top of the list. What makes them such an attractive trade partner is their projected draft positioning and I think MJD would jump at the chance to be a part of that offense.

Team: Indianapolis Colts

What we get: 2013 2nd rounder

Why the Colts would trade: If you look at the Colts on offense, their biggest deficiencies are in the area of pass blocking and running. So far I have targeted all teams looking for that push to get into (or deeper into) the playoffs, because in most cases they are the only teams willing to part with draft picks so easily. I think the 2012 Colts are a special case. Their biggest priority right now is protecting/developing Andrew Luck. Maurice Jones-Drew is an asset in pass protection (a major perk I'd hate to see go, by the way). Without a decent running game, a lot is going to be asked of Luck. MJD might be a very, very good band aid for a couple years, but probably won't push the Colts to the next level; rather he will do something far more valueable to them and certainly worth (what should be a pretty high) 2nd rounder - he will help develop and protect Andrew Luck.

Why the Jags would trade: Until the Colts and Andrew Luck can field a decent team, selling the Colts game will not be as easy as it has been in years past. It's not to say the game will blackout or anything, but keeping Jones-Drew in the division creates stories. If Jones-Drew is traded to the Colts, we have ourselves a bona fide rivalry. Each game will get Jags fans good and pissed off - the emotions that sell tickets.

Why MJD would go there: Today's NFL allows teams to turn things around rather quickly with the right Quarterback. If Jones-Drew is as high on Luck as everyone else in the country, he may take pleasure in playing us twice a year (since apparently he's "angry" with the Jaguars FO) on a team he may feel will take the crown of the division. And he'll get to hang out with Mercades Lewis and Gregg Jones a couple times a year.

Why not?: Many things, actually. Maybe the Colts will place the importance of rebuilding above an immediate piece for Luck. Maybe the Jags and Jones-Drew prefer to be far away from each other after being traded. Maybe the Jags just don't want to help strengthen an enemy team. Then again, maybe they feel MJD will already be in decline by the time the Colts window opens?

Extra Pieces: Tomorrow's conclusion ends with what I think is the most obvious choice, and the one that I expect to be the most popular in the final poll.

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