MJD.."Buck up!"

CJ - $8 million
AP - $8 million
Sjax - $7million
DMcFadden - $5.65 million
DeWilliams - $5.25
Foster - $5 million
RBush - $4.5 million
MJD - $4.45 million

Shelf life of a RB is debatable. Is it age? Is it the number of carries? Style of run? Is it genetics? I think it's a bit of all of these. So it's indefinable. So why does he deserve a new contract?

1. He is your offense. MJD accounted for 1,980 yards last year. The rest of the team 2,530 yards. That's over 40%! <em>So what?<em> you ask. A raise is deserved. In the corporate world when you out perform your salary you get a bonus or golden handcuffs or a salary jump. Or when you're on MJD's level, all of those.

2. If a RB doesn't know when his last carry will be. And 99% of your wealth will be made from 22 - 30 years old, in between those ages you get 1, 2 or 3 paydays. A RB needs to get as many of those paydays as possible. I get the argument that: we make so much less but are happy. And we are the reason that these athletes make so much money. But this is what entertainers get paid. And in this form of entertainment they only have 1,2 or 3 paydays. It's not being selfish. It's almost a right based on how successful you are in your career.

3. But he signed his contract and agreed to the terms already! And the Jags at any time can waive him and not pay the rest of the contract. To me, that's the biggest point. The contract isn't a typical contract so to speak. Neither party HAS TO honor that agreement. This is the nature of the beast. Just buck up and pay the man. Somewhere in the range between Sjax and McFadden. BTW that would make him the second highest paid player on the team. It's not exactly breaking the bank. It's a business compromise.

PS - Trading him would suck. I was on the other end of the Barkley trade in the NBA. It took many many years for us to get AI and be relevant again. You lost 5 games by 7 or less last year. Your defense was ranked 6 last year. You are Blane Gabbert throwing 20 TD's and 12 INT's away from being 9-7 maybe 10-6.

I care because I drafted MJD in FFB, I love his talents and I love football. Thanks for listening.

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