Maurice Jones-Drew: Trade Scenario #5

I lied. I said this would be the last scenario but it's not. In my process, I had a very, very large oversight. Jahvid Best from the Lions is still on the PUP with concussions. I feel this makes them in the top 2-3 teams who has any chance of making a trade.

This time you can hold me to my word. Trade scenario #6 will be the absolute last scenario (cue applause). It will include the team that I feel is the most likely to pursue Jones-Drew, as well as a list/table of all teams in the series ranked on who is most "likely" (lol).

Scenario #1: Jets

Scenario #2: Bengals

Scenario #3: Redskins

Scenario #4: Packers Colts

Team: Detroit Lions

What we get: 2013 1st Rounder OR Cliff Avril

I really, really, REALLY, don't think Avril will happen, but it was suggested in the comments and it seems like an interesting take. Avril, who is still having problems securing a multi-year contract. He held out of training camp just a few days longer than Justin Blackmon trying to acquire it, but ultimately showed he was willing to be a team player (or at least enjoy a 10 million dollar franchise tender). I honestly don't know enough about the depth of the Lions' pass rushers to know if the Lions could handle his loss or if it would prove any worth. If we trade for Avril, I would expect that we add more to the offer. Yes, we have some promising guys like John Chick (if he come back from injury), Aaron Morgan, and George Selvie, but with Avril, we may have the most dominating front 7 in the NFL next year. The Giants have won a Superbowl on the strength of a three-headed pass rush. Food for thought, but nothing to consider seriously, at this point.

Why the Lions would trade: The Lions offense is fantastic. They are finally getting respectable on the Offensive Line, but much of that will depend on Riley Reiff (who I was very high on going into the draft). Jones-Drew is an extra security blanket in that department. The 2012 Lions are the classic recipe for a team that trades away too much for a veteran. Their window just opened, but a game of musical chairs at the running back position is holding this offense back. They are in "Win Now" mode, not "rebuilding for the future" mode. Plus, the Lions could be unbelievably better with Jones-Drew. MJD will help create long drives in an offense centered around scoring quick, and could help hide deficiencies the Lions have on defense. If the Jags are looking at offers, the Lions are definitely one the teams in the mix.

Why the Jags would trade: Another instance of a team we will only have to play (and see Jones-Drew) once every 4 years (barring Superbowl, of course). Lions are among the most likely to give up a lot.

Why MJD would go there: Detroit is a hard place to sell to a guy used to warm weather and beaches (both in Cali and Jax). If MJD wants Detroit, it would be because he wants to play with Matthew Stafford.

Why not?: Javhid Best could be much further along in rehabbing than injury reports suggest. You would have to imagine they'd have him practicing by now if he could, though. The biggest thing standing in the way for me is Shack Harris, who I don't think will be too eager to do any trading with us. Then again, maybe he'd love to reunite with Jones-Drew? Either way, Shack has an "advisory" role not a decision making role, so he may not influence the situation at all. Worth noting, to my knowledge, the Gerald Alexander trade occurred shortly after he was hired by the Lions.

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