Same ole tale!!

The same ole story, if the offense is coming off a harsh season like it did, yesterday was an indication that we have enough X's & O's to play with the best of them (not now, considering NO OL minus Monroe & Meester). Flip the script & all of the sudden our Defense looked lost & confused, allowing play after play until the score shifted back to the Vikings. They don't have a thing behind Harvin at receiver & still made us look bad.

* I don't understand the squib on the kickoff with :20 seconds left.

* I don't understand why Tucker didn't send at least "1" defender to blitz up the middle with :20 seconds left.

* I don't understand why it takes us 17 plays to get in the endzone, little dinks & dunks. However, they started showing more vertical passes in our last drive. You mean to tell me that we couldn't find not one receiver or TE open down the middle for an intermediate pass of 15-20 yards versus one of the worst defensive backfields?? That's God awful.

* I don't understand why we played so conservative in OT.

* What is it with this team & the injury bug?

* Gabbert misses a WIDE-OPEN Blackmon, but we still should've went for it on 4th & goal from the 1 or 2 yard line.

* What's with all the shuffling with our OL, I never understood why Britton wasn't playing on the outside.

* Really, 7 dropped passes?? I thought there was a reason we brought in Jerry Sullivan.

* The Thomas/Shorts saga continues. One game it's all about Thomas, next game it's Shorts.

* OT play, we go 5 wide, it's totally fine to keep MoJo in as one of the receiver's, but Lewis had no right being out there. My football IQ tells me if MoJo's in, you go with the best 4 receivers that suited up, point blank. Just a tidbit, but MoJo was wide open up the middle for what would've been a first down. I'm sure everyone saw it as well, rather Gabbert sails a pass 8 yards away to a double covered Robinson. Go figure.

There was lots of great things I saw from the Jags in the season opener, but this game was ours & Mel Tucker lost it for us. Again, he should've sent a blitzer or 2 while continuing to play man with 2-3 safeties playing deep, just my opinion. I wish I can look at the schedule for once & circle a guaranteed win. The thought the philosophy was changed to "playing to win" as opposed to "playing not to lose" much like the Del Rio era. I hope I'm wrong.

GameBall goes to Cecil Shorts on a great adjustment from Gabbert which "should" have sealed the game. Great throw, Better catch!

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