Thoughts of one Jaguar fan today

GAAAAAHHH!!!! This team has regressed on defense and is the same terrible offense with the same terrible Blaine Gabbert at the helm. Time to start looking forward to drafting a new QB in NFL Draft 2013!!!!!

Now that I have appealed to the nonsensical fake fans, it is time to seriously assess the state of this team and figure out what us rational fans should be thinking.

  • Gabbert is 7/19 (~36.8%) for 53 yards and 1 TD and this offense has managed a whole 117 yards --> Quite reminiscent of a 2011 stat line for Gabbert, and in some respects I think this might be a legitimate cause for SOME concern. This is not the end of the world, especially considering the fact that (a) this is a REALLY good defense that has sacked Gabbert a bunch today and (b) Gabbert is not working behind a tip-top offensive line. If he puts numbers like this up with a healthy offensive line when going up against a worse defense, then let us start panicking a bit. As of right now, we really should not be thinking too hard about these numbers and the thought that Gabbert is regressing so quickly.
  • Texans have 27 points and 411 yards on offense so far --> This might sound crazy, but I am ecstatic in some ways about those 379 yards. Schaub has only thrown for 195 yards, Owen Daniels has 47 yards, and Andre Johnson has a whopping 21 yards. The Texans have a fantastic rushing attack that was going to have a good day considering the OLBs this team has starting right now. The secondary was a bit worrisome last week, and while by no stretch am I coming out and saying this secondary os elite at this point in time, when Cox gets back in (and Daryl Smith is back in), things should turn out much better,
  • 0 sacks for the defense --> I am not going to lie and sugarcoat this one. I am worried about the utter lack of pass rush. I fully understand that sacks are not the be all and end all measure of pass rush, but to be frank, this defense can not be halfway decent if it cannot bring down the QB on occasion. There are no major injuries to the starting 4 that can legitimately be argued as the reason for this utter lack of sacks. I think this is a legitimate cause for worry and we should all be thinking that this team has had a "lacking pass rush" curse placed upon it.
  • This team is going to be 0-2 and at best be tied for last place in the AFC South --> this really sucks and I am not sure many of us anticipated this, but if this is any consolation, the defending SB Champs might also very well be 0-2 at the bottom of their division. No doubt in my mind that this would not be much in the way of consolation, especially when Miami will manage to win a game before the Jaguars do.

Other than those specific points which I wanted to address, the truth of the matter is that this team should be causing us a bit of worry. Injuries or not, this team offensive effort was just egregious. Texans are good, but no way they should come into Everbank and embarrass the Jaguars like they are doing.

In the end, I think that as fans, the predominant thought going through our minds should be that this team is quite banged up on defense and along the offensive line, and that this "offensive remodeling" is a work in progress and should not have been expected to be a super strength just yet. I think that the real verdict about this team(excluding the obvious that depth on this team in the secondary and offensive line leaves something to be desired) cannot really come out until this team is fully healthy.

Let us just hope that next week when this team heads to Indy they are healthy and can put together an effort that we as fans are much more comfortable seeing. And hey, who knows? They could just end up with a win.

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