It Hasn't Been All Bad, Cheer Up

There has been a lot of doom and gloom around here over the last few days and its getting kinda depressing. So since todays theme on BCC has been firing evaluating Gene Smith's stewardship at GM, lets look back at some actually awesome things that have happened since he took over 2009. The teams combined record might be 20 - 30 but you'd be surprised what good moments there have been.

Moment #1: Hail Mary to Mike Thomas (2010) - This is probably number #1 on the best most recent memories list for Jaguars fans. After Sundays clusterf*** of a game, lets take a second to look back and bask in the awesomeness that was this game winning hail mary toss from Garrard to Thomas:

Jaguars beat Texans with 'Hail Mary' on final play (via wizarddv9 )

Moment #2: Scobee drills 59 yard game winner (2010) - Jaguars fans were spoiled in 2010 with not one but two absolutely incredible game winning plays in the 2010 season (a season the Jaguars vied for a division title too). Back when Peyton still ruled Indy, seeing the Jaguars earn a hard fought victory on a game winning FG against him was one of the best feelings ever (If you dont want to watch the whole final drive skip to the 6:50 mark):

Jacksonville's 59 Yard Fieldgoal Kick (via JagsJaxFan )

Moment #3: Jaguars Defense > Ravens Offense (2011) - On football's biggest stage the Jaguars defense put on a show for the ages with an absolute beast of a performance. The Jaguars shut down Flacco and the Ravens offense allowing only 147 yards. This will be the lasting image from that night, #NeverForget:



Moment #4: Maurice Jones-Drew Takes Over NFL (2009) - MJD was waiting for his moment and in 2009 he finally got his chance and he made the most of it with a coming out party to the tune of 1391 yards and 15 TDs. There was no doubt that 2009 was MJD's year as he ascended to top tier RB status. Here is a highlight mix someone on youtube put together highlighting his 2009 season

Moment #6: MJD wins rushing title - Obviously one of the lone highlights to poor 2011 season but MJD showed everyone what he was capable of carrying the Jaguars on his back all season and winning the rushing title with 1606 yards rushing.The RB topped it off with being named All-Pro.

Moment #7: MJD outsmarts the Jets (2009) - Down 1 point with little time left on the clock the Jets decided that they were going to basically let MJD score in order to have chance to get the ball back. Their plan back fired however when MJD who burst through the defense played it smart and kneeled at the 1 yard to take time of the clock and give the Jaguars a chance to win the game on a FG, which they did.

Moment #8: Gabbert throws shoulda been game winner (2012): The one highlight of this season so far was Gabbert leading a march down the field with under two minutes to go then throwing a beautiful TD to Cecil Shorts for 39 yards and to take the lead with 20 seconds. Well we all cried ourselves to sleep know how the disappointing story ends, it was definetly an amazing the time.

Moment #9: The night Tebow didn't choose the Jaguars (2012): Lets be honest, anyone that was on twitter, facebook or BCC saw the straight up chaos that was the final day of Tebow trade talks between Denver and Jaguars/Jets. Every non-homer Jaguars fan was dying for the Jets to win the battle as no wanted Tebow mania in Jacksonville. With hour by hour updates it looked like the Jets had it in the bag but then to the horror to most Jaguars fans, the Jaguars got back in the race last minute. In the end it came down to Tebow getting a choice and he choose the Jets. It was best possible outcome as Khan could say he tried but Tebow just didn't want to come. Whew...dodged a bullet there.

Moment #10: The Jaguars were bought by this guy (2011/2012) -



So fellow Jaguars fans, step away from the ledge, calm down, breath deep will be okay and cheer least until Sunday :)

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