Jaguars Vs Bengals: Jags look to honor Fred Taylor, start win streak

Sam Greenwood - Getty Images

After securing the first win of the season, the Jaguars look to keep a good thing going, and what better week? Fred Taylor is in town.

Long-time Jaguars RB Fred Taylor will step out onto Everbank Field for the first time in what seems to be something between an hour and 10 years ago. He will hear the roar from the crowd as memories upon memories flood the thoughts of Jaguars fans everywhere, and for some tears might fall in a not-too-sly manner.

Taylor will receive the highest Jaguars honor, an induction into the 'Pride Of The Jaguars'. His number painted onto the wall, he will presumably last forever in the annals of Jaguars history alongside former All-Pro left tackle Tony Boselli as the first two 'heroes' of the football field for this organization.

After the in-town resolution to Fred Taylor's career, we, as fans, await to see the current group evolve. They will trot out onto the field and hopefully gain a position of authority against a Bengals team that has seen moments of success fail to translate into dominance. This Jaguars team just might start a win streak and what a relief that would be!

Facing questions from every place possible, the Jaguars stood up and answered the late game call last week. They notched a win for the first time in 2012, yet seemed to have only stalled the naysayers. With the likely return of offensive linemen Eben Britton and Cameron Bradfield , Jaguars fans safely look forward to the game and what quarterback Blaine Gabbert might display through the air.

A healthy line buys a QB some healthy time and the scoreboard could light up might fine. The possibility of a win rises each day as the offensive line gets healthier. The jaguars really could put two wins together, back-to-back. If they do, the argument for who the Jaguars would choose first overall merely gets more and more comical.

A Tidbit On Jones-Drew

Current Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew, no doubt, will be as inspired as anyone in the building. As many know, Fred Taylor served as a mentor for Jones-Drew and I have no doubt that seeing Taylor inducted leaves an imprint on Jones-Drew that lasts forever.

Understanding the business side of the NFL, Maurice held out of this year's training camp, but that doesn't mean he doesn't love the fans. That doesn't mean that he doesn't want to make it to the wall right beside 'Freddy T'. Everything Jones-Drew does on the field is for you--the fans.

Jones-Drew sits as the only player on offense that will go down in history with a legacy right now. Let's cheer him on and hope he makes it to the wall as we watch his predecessor, and my all-time favorite NFL player Fred Taylor get the ending his career deserves---outside of Canton, of course.

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