Another Show of Faith in The Jaguars

Recently, I put up a post with a link to an article previewing the AFC South, stating that in the best case scenario, we could win the division and make a playoff berth. Again, I have found another article that takes an in-depth look at our team and their outlook for the year. The artilce is linked here:

There are a few things that are inaccurate as of the writing of the article, but not enough to take away from the article itself. It has Cox and Mathis as our starting CB's, and as we all know, that currently isn't the case. Also, it mentions Session as one our starting LB's, another incorrect statment. Lastly, MJD hadn't ended his holdout, yet it does say that he didn't expect Maurice to miss any regular season games.

The one point that I know some will quickly disagree with is the defense of our 2012 3rd round draft pick, punter Bryan Anger. While this debate will surely always be open to be discussed, there are two good points made in this artcle about the pick.

One is when he wrote: "Having a quality punter is like having an extra quality defender. If you can consistently pin offenses deep in their own territory and win the field position battle, you put your team in a position to win football games."

And two, is when he wrote: "The impact a quality punter can make is exasperated when you pair him with a quality defense."

These two statements are written one after the other, but the second is a stand alone sentence. While a paragraph of itself, the second quote goes hand in hand with the first, to amplify the impact that Anger could have on the team, this year and for the forseeable future.

The point made above all others that I agree with the most is how the outside perception of the Jaguars being one of the worse teams in the league is an incorrect one. Even with Blaine having to prove he has improved enough to earn the respect of the national media, this team as a whole has a much deeper talent base than a lot of the teams we are so often associated with, such as the Browns, Colts, Cardinals and our next oppenent, the Vikings, among a few others.

While it must be proven, it's good to know that when given an in-depth, object analysis, it's not hard to see that this team has the makings of a competitive football team. As indicated by this article and the other I posted a few days ago, my thoughts of us being a darkhorse this year are further entrenched. December could be exciting this year for us Jaguar fans.

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