Jagsrok9008's quick take on Sunday's matchup vs. Minnesota

As we hit the 3.5 hour mark until the 2012 NFL season is underway, I figured I would quickly put together my outlook for this coming Sunday. I will admit I am not incredibly well versed in the Vikings, but combining the depth chart they have up with my knowledge of the players, I present a positional breakdown of the match-ups. I looked at the positions independently(not Jags O-Line vs. Vikings D-Line, but rather Jags OL vs. VIkings OL) which obviously is not ideal, but I got to run to class soon and this was quicker.









I was very high on Ponder last year, and still think he can be REALLY good in the NFL. However, he was comparable to Gabbert last year with better weapons at WR. Gabbert is in a new offense with some new toys, and I think that is enough to give him the win over Ponder.


Jennings /MJD /Jones

Gerhart/ Peterson/ Felton


While the premier RB on the Jags has the advantage of being healthy, the secondary RB for the Jaguars is also significantly better than the one on the Vikings. As for the FB situation, it is not even close, as Greg Jones very well could be the #1 FB in the NFL.


Blackmon/ Robinson/ Thomas/ Shorts/ Robiskie/ Elliot

Harvin/ Jenkins/ Aromashadu/ Burton/ Wright


If Jerome Simpson was active, I might have given this one to the Vikings. Both groups of WRs aren't fantastic, but from what I have seen in the preseason from both teams, I think the Jaguars might have the slight edge, especially considering the fact that Mike Thomas looks to me like he has a big year coming from the slot.


Lewis/ Potter/ Cloherty

Rudolph/ Carlson/ Ellison


If you are looking for the best TE in the game, the Jaguars have him, but when assessing the units as a whole, the Vikings are the better unit. Rudolph has the ability to be one of the better receiving TEs in the NFL, and Carlson has shown the ability to be an effective TE as well.


Monroe/ Britton/ Meester/ Nwaneri/ Bradfield

Kalil/ Johnson/ Sullivan/ Fusco/ Loadholt


I am not going to lie and claim I know a whole lot about the interior linemen for the Vikings. One thing I can tell you is that they have a rookie at LT and their RG is only in his second year. The Jaguars on the other hand look to have a nice offensive line developing with a healthy Britton moving to LG.


MIney/ Knighton/ Alualu/ Branch

Allen/ Guion/ Williams/ Robison


Williams and Allen are enough to give this one to the Vikings. They are two of the premier players at their respective positions, and while both are not getting any younger, they still have a lot left in the tank and should give the Jags' O-Line fits at times throughout the game.


Smith/ Posluzsny/ Allen

Greenway/ Brinkley/ Henderson


With the exception of Greenway, I think the main issue with the Viking LBs is the lack of experience. The Jaguars have two veteran linebackers that are quite good, and their third starting LB has shown flashes at times of having it in him to be a very good player.


Ross/ Mathis/ Middleton/ Landry/ Lowery

Winfield/ Cook/ Robinson/ Raymond/ Smith


I looked at the starting secondary including the nickelback(I think I read somewhere Josh Robinson is the projected Viking NB) since I envision a lot of snaps with the NB playing. Similar to LB, the inexperience and lack of past playing time together is the main reason why the Vikings lacked a fighting chance in this one.


Scobee/ Anger/ Cain/ Thomas/ Jennings

Walsh/ Kluwe/ Loeffler/ Sherels/ Harvin


I am just not thrilled with this Jaguars ST group, and am not willing to give them the edge when Harvin is listed as #1 KR. In principle, the argument could be made that the names listed to the left have the Jaguars with the advantage. However, but from what I have seen in the return games (on both sides of the ball) leaves me a bit skeptical to give the advantage to the Jaguars, and so by default I gave it to the Vikings.

PREDICTION: In the end, while it appears the Jags have the advantage at most positions, I think the game will be quite close, and in the end I see the Jaguars taking it 24-20

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