Players from around florida we should target in the draft.

College Football in the state of florida has been a football factory the past couple of years putting consistent talent on the field. This year's class of florida players may not have an elite talent like JPP coming out of USF; but it is filled with great players who are very versatile and possible late round gems like Alfred Morris. The "florida" players I will be speaking of aren't necessarily just from UF but all over florida: Miami,Fau,FIU,FSU,FAMU,BCU,UCF,USF.

I'll start with fsu they have 3 premier pass rushers whom have declared this year:

Bjoern Werner: 6'4 260 in 2012 he managed 13 sacks, 18 tackles for a loss, 42 overall tackles and 8 pass deflections. He's the most polished florida product coming out this year. He attacks the run and his motor isn't bad either. He always has his eyes in the backfield and never just blindly rushes up the field he also has a tendency to get his hands up and swat passes if he doesn't feel like he will be able to get to the quarterback.

Corrnelius "Tank" Carradine: 6'5 265 Through 12 games he accumulated 11 sacks and 13 tackles for a loss. He was having a great season until an acl tear cut it short. He is a very quick pass rusher off the line sometimes he rushes too high up which get's him pushed around. He is an excellent hand fighter and rarely let's lineman get into his body. Had it not been for his injury he could have been a 1st round draft pick.

Brandon Jenkins: 6'3 260 Prior to 2012 he had been a highlyy touted defensive end but his lis franc injury kept him out this season. In his last season he recorded 8 sacks,12 tackles for a loss and 41 total tackles. He has good awareness and pursues the ball well.

Xavier Rhodes: 6'2 217: 3 int's, 39 total tackles, 2 tackles for a loss , 1 forced fumble, and 7 pass deflections. He is a big physical with good size and range. Sometimes he's a little to physical in coverage and draws penalties but that can be changed with coaching. He's a solid tackler and doesn't give up many big plays to receivers. His size is really good for corners and I have no problem with his coverage ability.

The university of florida has a lot of players leaving earlier for this draft. There is a lot of talent in this class mainly on the defensive side of the ball while there are some solid offensive players too.

Matt Elam: 5'10 202 He maybe be undersized for a safety but he is a playmaker and very good in run support. In 2012 he had a breakout season with 4 int's ,76 total tackles, 11 tackles for a loss, 2 sacks, & 5 passes defensed. He is a playmaker and is a big hitter. Sometimes he goes for the big hit rather than wrapping up but he seldom misses his target.

Shariff Floyd: 6'3 303 In 2011 he had been A DE and made the switch to DT in 2012 a year in which he had 18 tackles for a loss,46 total tackles, and 3 sacks. He is an explosive athlete and has shown the ability to take on double teams. He fights through blockers to get to the ball carrier and has really impressed me with better play at his new position.

Lerentee McCray:6'3 250 DE/OLB In his senior season he had 25 total tackles 4.5 for a loss with 3 sacks. These number may not seem all that great but I believe he will be a hidden gem in this draft due to the film of him vs luke joeckel. I don't think he recorded a sack but he absolutely showed his pass rush ability against the best OT in this draft.

Jordan Reed: 6'3 243 TE This season he caught 45 balls for 559 yards and 3 touchdowns. Another guy with average stats but he has shown good run block ability and elusiveness in the open field. He is on the smaller side for a TE but he reminds me a lot of aaron hernandez based on his versatility and ability to get yards after the catch.

Mike Gillislee : 5'11 210 RB : 1152 rushing yards in 2012 averaging 4.7 yards a carry , 10 touchdowns rushing,159 yards receiving, with 1 receiving touchdown. He's not a bruising back but is very elusive and consistent. He shows good elusiveness and great open field speed.

Tourek Williams: 6'3 262 DE FIU : His senior year he has accumulated 14.5 tackles for a loss ,6.5 sacks, two forced fumbles and 46 total tackles. He has started 39 games for FIU and is a high motor player. He is very good at knifing inside when OT's try to ride him out on the edge. He may play small ball but dominates his competition. He's a senior but has not decided whether he will pursue football at the next level.

Latavius Murray : 6'3 222 RB UCF: He had an awesome year this year with 15 td's, 1,106 yards rushing and he averaged 5.6 yards a carry. He's not overly shifty or powerful even for his size but he is a very consistent rb.

Cory Grissom: 6'2 316 USF: 38 total tackles , 2.5 sacks , and 7 tackles for a loss. I have no idea who he is but he is the 9th ranked DT by He is a senior and was invited to this years senior bowl so he must be something special.

Famu,BCU, had no significant seniors. Enjoy the article give me your opinions go jags.

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