Top 10 Unimaginable Scenarios



After the initial shock of David Caldwell's press conference hit Gator Jaguars fans who actually want Tim Tebow to be a member of the Jaguars, those fans turned to loathing. But then something amazing happened. Those same fans turned to hope. They turned to their imagination!

Caldwell said, he "can't imagine a scenario in which Tebow is a Jaguar". Well guess what Mr. New GM, the faithful have a list of scenarios that may be impossible in your feeble mind, but are totally plausible to us "fans". Ladies and gentlemen, I give you "The Top 10 Unimaginable Scenarios" in which Tim Tebow will become a Jaguar (brought to you by

  • 10) Peter Tebow takes Jedi training from Obi-Wan, and waltzes his way through the entire Jaguars front office while hand waiving and saying "Tebow Time".
  • 9) League rules change to stipulate that personal protectors on the punting units are required to take the first 3 snaps on any offensive posession.
  • 8) Mike McCoy publicly admits the following: "I changed offenses last year to the exclusive spread-gun read-option in hopes of sabotaging Tebow's career as a legit NFL QB, but because Tebow actually excelling at it is now the number one reason I'm a head coaching candidate".
  • 7) The Jaguars split as a company after an internal coup of employees decide they want to instead sell underwear under the Jaguar brand
  • 6) The cult finally gives up on Tebow and goes back to eating Fritos and watching DVR'ed episodes of American Idol all day, forgetting the sport of football exists.
  • 5) The Player's Union decides to subsidize all contracts for players that the general public deems "haven't been given a fair chance" and forces teams to sign them under the threat of a strike.
  • 4) The NFL competition committee rules that all touchdowns will now be reviewable by Skip Bayless live on the set of ESPN First Take.
  • 3) Every NFL player who can or has played QB in the league in the last 15 years is abducted by aliens.
  • 2) Roger Goodell bans the forward pass.

And the #1 Unimaginable Scenario in which Tebow becomes Jaguar is….

  • 1) Tim actually learns how to actually read a defense instead of staring down his #1 and somehow doesn't dirtball/sideline 1 out of every 7 throws.

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