My Wishful Offseason Take #1

Let's get this started. Just remember when you tear me down this is wishful thinking and it might stray from the norm of what we have been seeing for a Jaguar's offseason thus far. Anyways here we go.

GM - Tom Gamble - Gamble is the top of my list for what he has done through his career. I believe he is a young gun that can come and turn around our corp of personnel with strong moves that make a difference.

HC - Chip Kelly - Kelly can bring an offensive system with him that can destroy opposing defenses. We can post an offense much like the one run in New England, once our roster gets a much needed face lift. He would also run the offense so a strong OC isn't as necessary, eventhough a name like Norv Turner could make a splash as an OC. Finally Kelly will always be one step ahead of his opponent before and during the game. He is a constant competitor and will shift his style to what is needed.

OC - Dante Scarnecchia - A tough, long tenured o-line coach from the New England Patriots. Since we don't need a playcaller as our OC, Scarnecchia can shore up our o-line and turn them into a monster unit like the one New England has for Tom Brady. With his experience in the NFl he can fill out a staff that can help this offense succeed. This piece on him sheds light on why I like him as our OC, even if it was written by Easterbrook whose reporting is weak on most occasions.

DC - Jim Tomsula - As Adam wrote about the connection with Gamble a few weeks ago I agree that he could come over with Gamble. I think that he would be a better fit as a DC than the HC. He has produced one of the dominant defensive lines in the NFL for multiple seasons now. He could establish a 3-4 system with the Jags that will change the defense back to being a dominant force.

FA - So this is my area that I am weakest in. I don't really follow who is out there so I will list positions we need to shore up more then direct players we need. Also I will list players we resign, so if I don't list them we let them go.

RT - Most pressing need in FA. We need someone better than Bradfield here and a vet would help with a quicker roster turnaround instead of drafting one.

LB - We need depth at LB both inside and out especially with switching to a 3-4 defense.

CB - I am letting Mathis walk as well as Ross so we need more depth through FA as well as the draft.

Resigned Players

Daryl Smith - Simply we need him. He has had a great career for us and before this season had remained healthy through his career. The last two games showed the improvement that he alone contributed to the defense. The injury also let's us resign him for a little bit of a discount.

Derek Cox - We sign him for middle CB money. He plays grwat when on the field, he just doesn't always stay on the field.

Tyson Alualu - Going to the 3-4 makes him a much better player. He returns to where he played at college and becomes a disruptive force for our D.

Russel Allen - Played well and can give us depth at LB.

Jordan Shipley - Played well at WR can be a good target for the QB of the future.

Others being kept Steve Vallos, Austin Patzor, Brandon Marshall, George Selvie, John Chick, and Zach Potter.

Trades - With the switch to a 3-4 we trade Poz to the New York Giants for their 3rd round pick. The trade is much like the one we made for Kirk Morrison with the Raiders except Poz is a better player.

2013 NFL Draft

1st round(2) - Star Lotulelei DT - Star is a strong prospect and has been compared to Ngata constantly. He would be a great fit for the NT in the switch to a 3-4 for us.

2nd Round(33) - Tahj Boyd QB - Boyd coming off a strong bowl victory over LSU he declares for the draft. He falls to the 2nd based on his size and we quickly snatch him up. I think if he were 2-3 in taller he would grade out as the best QB in the class. Takes chances downfield, accurate with a great arm, and is a winner.

3rd Round(64) - Cornellius Carradine DE - The injury he sustained drops his stock heavily. Once rated as a top 20 pick we grab him in the 3rd round and let him recover.

3rd Round(81) - Logan Ryan CB - This is a hopeful fall to us. If he is anything like Devin McCourty, who he has been compared to by cbssports, then our CB core would be plenty better.

4th Round - Kenjon Barner RB - A good change of pace back to spell MJD and already knows what type of offense Kelly likes to run.

5th Round - B.W. Webb CB - Another CB form William and Mary. Hopefully he stays healtier than his counterpart Cox. Maybe we strike gold picking a second CB from William and Mary like Cecil Shorts at WR from Mount Union.

6th Round - Jasper Collins WR - If he lasts this long he could be a great burner at WR. He might take a year to get acclimated to the NFL.

7th Round - Brandon Ogletree ILB - Ogletree is a hard hitting LB from BYU. He is all over the field every single play and played in a 3-4 at BYU. He is underrated particulary for his size, but could fit in as the new Poz in our 3-4. He will be involved in every running play and helped make BYU a stout running defense.

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