A Mock Offseason

It has been a while since I put together a mock offseason and now that we have a better sense of who will be calling the shots this offseason, I figured I could try and put together an offseason that seems to fit with what the new guys want to accomplish this offseason. It is not overly comprehensive in terms of covering every single free agent and every spot on the roster, but it covers the more major things.


  • Make Sean Smith (CB Miami) the #1 free agent priority -> integral to Bradley's expected defensive scheme will be big CBs who can excel in man coverage. Sean Smith is listed at 6'3 and can certainly play man coverage. With an absence of tall and physical CBs in the middle rounds of the draft, I think that locking up Sean Smith to a nice contract should and very well could be an integral part of the coming offseason.
  • Try and re-sign Derek Cox for a contract that makes sense given his inability to really stay healthy -> I am not a huge fan of tagging Cox and think that Cox has to be brought back on a contract that keeps him hungry to further prove himself capable of staying healthy. If Cox could be brought back it would suddenly provide Bradley, on paper, a solid tandem of starting CBs. It would also lessen the need to take a CB in the draft this year and perhaps enable a different need to get better addressed in the draft.
  • Look to upgrade the right tackle position -> There are a number of good options [Phil Loadholt (OT Minnesota), Ryan Clady (OT Denver), Sebastian Vollmer (OT New Enlgand)] that will be free agents, and I am unsure who I would most prefer or who might be deemed the best option by the GM and HC, so I chose to just list the guys I think should be in the mix.








Star Lotulelei



Given the defensive scheme Bradley is likely going to run, and what I deem to be solid options for the LEO in the scheme (Babin and Branch and maybe situationally a guy like Chick), I think that looking to address those other 3 spots on the D-Line is the best course of action, and Star Lotulelei is just a force to be reckoned with who I think can do great things from the DT/NT spot in the defense.


Ryan Nassib



Competition at the QB position will be brought in. As I look at the draft and the QBs available, I have come to the conclusion that this is the best spot for the Jagaurs to get a QB. While I see no standout, top of the 1st round QBs, I think there are a couple of bottom of the 1st round QBs and at least one of them falls to the 2.1 spot. I am unsure who it might be and which one might make the most sense in Jedd Fisch's offense, so I decided to go with Nassib. He can easily be replaced with Dysert, Glennon, etc.


Jelani Jenkins



An area that could definitely use improvement is the OLB spots. While I did not explicitly call for Daryl Smith to be re-signed, I definitely think it is a possibility. Based on my understanding of Jenkins, he should be able to come in and play the other OLB spot.


Darius Slay


Mississippi State

Just because they don't need to go CB assuming they get Smith and Cox, the talent is deep at CB this year. As is, you can never have too many good CBs these days in the NFL. I think it is very possible there is a relatively big (6'1) CB with man-coverage ability can be found in the early part of the 4th round.


J.C. Tretter



In truth, I value him as a 4th round player, but I think/hope he slips into the early 5th given his playing lesser competition. Tretter played LT at the collegiate level and did a decent job at that. Given the uncertainty of Rackely, and an overall lack of good depth on the O-Line, I think that Tretter could make an excellent selection at the top of the 5th round.


Theo Riddick


Notre Dame

I am not thinking anyone will disagree with me saying that this team needs some solid options behind MJD. From my brief (and potentially poor and incorrect) research into Fisch's offensive philosophy, he looks for RBs that definitely can be pass catchers as well. In Riddick, a guy who has also played WR, I think a good late round RB option can be found for this offense.


Bradley MacDougald



I would anticipate Chris Prosinski, and the safety depth in general to be singled out as a weakness on the defensive side of the ball. MacDougald is a versatile DB who should (hopefully) be able to improve that area and perhaps take away Prosinski's roster spot.

UDFA - given some uncertainty with later round guys and who get drafted I am focusing on position and then throwing out a bunch of names per position. In theory I could go ahead and don this for every position, but I will focus on the few I am most interested in seeing addressed.


Fisch seems to like to get the ball down the field and could benefit from as much talent at WR as possible. With the uncertainty of Laurent Robinson and just a lack of really solid options behind CS3 and Blackmon, I think it could be very beneficial to look to UDFA for a potential contributor.

  • Tyron Goard (Eastern Kentucky)
  • Alec Lemon (Syracuse)
  • T.J. Moe (Missouri)
  • Chad Bumphis (Mississippi State)
  • Reggie Dunn (Utah)


Having spent a draft pick on a QB, I wouldn't say it is imperative to bring in a UDFA as well, since it is obviously highly doubtful a UDFA would win either the starting job or backup job. However, for the most important position on the field, it cannot hurt to make as big of a competition as possible.

  • Brad Sorensen (Southern Utah)
  • Jeff Tuel (Washington State)
  • Nick Florence (Baylor)
  • Dayne Crist (Kansas)
  • Mike Hermann (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
  • Sean Renfree (Duke)


Fisch likes to utilize tight ends, and it is a position that I do think could probably be improved, in terms of depth. I have never been a huge fan of Zach Potter, and I would hope to find someone who could beat him out for a roster spot.

  • Zach Sudfeld (Nevada)
  • Lucas Reed (New Mexico)
  • D.C. Jefferson (Rutgers)
  • Phil Lutzenkirchen (Auburn)
  • Joseph Fauria (UCLA)
  • Jerod Monk (Baylor)


With an overall lack of depth at RB, despite using a draft selection, I still think looking at the undrafted pool would be ideal. As for FB, I do not really think that whatever it will cost to bring Greg Jones back is worth it. Unless I am wrong about how important the position is to the envisioned offense, I think looking to find a new "cheap" one would be the best choice.


  • Kerwynn Williams (Utah State)
  • Zac Stacy (Vanderbilt)
  • Mike James (Miami)
  • Stefphon Jefferson (Nevada)


  • Kyle Jusczcyk (Harvard)
  • Taimi Tutogi (Arizona)
  • Kelly Johnson (Alabama)


While I would love to see both lines left fully open for competition, and as many players for both lines to be brought in, I am leaning more toward seeing what all the different d-linemen already on the team can do in Bradley's scheme. It is more the offensive line in my mind that really needs new bodies to be brought in to compete.


  • Tanner Hawkinson (Kansas)
  • Braden Brown (BYU)
  • Alex Hurst (LSU)


  • Travis Bond (North Carolina)
  • Josh Dworaczyk (LSU)


  • Graham Pocic (Illinois)
  • Matt Stankiewitch (State Penn)

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