Draft options for Jax part 1

Unlike mock drafts I'm going to be focusing on viable options for the first two rounds of April's draft . Here we go for round one...

Rd 1- Geno Smith, Star Lotulelei, Jarvis Jones, Luke Joeckel, Damontre Moore, Bjoern Wener.

Geno Smith- He isn't a prospect like we saw in last years draft. However, he is still the most complete QB in this year's class. Smith posseses good pocket presence, good down field accuracy and ideal size. His biggest issue is his habit of locking onto his first read which will lead to turnovers at the next level. Despite struggling at times this previous season Smith still maintained a superb TD/INT ratio. This should serve as an incouraging sign for any team looking to obtain his services. He won't be the highest rated player on the board but the ineptitude of Henne and Gabbert could make the Jags call his name.

Star Lotulelei -This is my personal choice for the Jags. With Knighton struggling mightily, as well as being a free agent, this makes Star a very plausible pick. He is a great space eater who can draw double teams to free up the linebackers. Star doesn't really possess any rush moves other than to bull rush forward.He can help collapse the pocket up the middle and disrupt the QB's rhythm. Unlike Smith, Star will be one of, if not the, highest rated players on the board. His best attribute is his ability to penetrate the backfield and strafe down the LOS on running plays.

Jarvis Jones- It is hard to project Jones until the doctors at the combine get a chance to examine his spine. All injury concerns aside, this guy can seriously play some football. Jones is an absolute stud of a pass rusher who also is good in coverage and against the run. He also possesses a very wide range of pass rushing moves. Uses his hands great and keeps his pad level low helping him turn the corner. He might have some issues when being run at directly. Isn't the most powerful guy so might have a hard time shaking off a lineman who is gunning straight for him. Without Spinal Stenosis I would be willing to bet a lot of money this guy would be the Jags pick.If he is determined by the combine doctors to be in great condition, I hope they take him.As things stand now, there is too much uncertainty for me to like him over Lotulelei.

Luke Joeckel- Considered by some to be the top rated prospect in this years draft. It's usually between Joeckel and Lotulelei, just depends on who you ask. Joeckel is a top notch pass protector who utilizes sound technique and possesses elite size. He absolutely dominated the SEC talent he faced this year, which is why he is praised so highly. Isn't the most powerful run blocker but is by no means weak in the area. He would need to bulk up some to adapt to the NFL, but I doubt that will be a problem. My biggest issue with Joeckel as the jags pick is that he would most likely be put at the RT position. RT is often needed as the run blocking mauler who opens up holes to the RB's right side. Which is usually the preferred side to run on. This isn't Joeckel's specialty which could lead to some growing pains. Regardless, bringing in a player of his quality to your team is NEVER a bad thing.

Bjoern Werner-Sorry, but I'm drinking the haterade. I don't think Werner is as elite of a prospect as others do. I think he's more of a 10-15 area pick, not a #2. While a great pass rusher, he has a tendency to disappear for a few games.Werner has 7.5 of his sacks in two games. He also posted 0 sacks in 8 of his 14 games played. I feel like his stats are a bit inflated due to a 4 sack game against Murray state. Not exactly a tough opponent. I will give him full credit for his 3.5 sack game against Florida. He was fantastic. He also hasn't produced at a extremely high level for 2 years like the other prospects listed above.

Damontre Moore-" Possesses a lean, lanky build with plenty of room for additional muscle mass. Flashes a quick first step off the snap. Has long, strong arms and uses his hands well to defeat blocks"(CBS Sports). He has experience in the "Joker" position which could make a possible transition to a 3-4 OLB easier. However, he isn't an elite athlete and can sometimes disappear in games. I.E- the cotton bowl against Oklahoma. I like Moore more than I like Werner but would still prefer Lotulelei, Joeckel or Jones.

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