First Attempt At Mock Draft

Being a Jaguars fan this season has tougher than it ever has before in the past, which has led me to look forward to next May's draft extremely early this year. This is my first ever attempt at doing a mock draft, so therefore I will not look at possible trades or potential free agent acquisitions. This draft will mainly revolve around what I feel are the biggest needs on this team.

1.) Teddy Bridgewater, QB, Louisville

It's common knowledge that the Jaguars biggest problem has been poor quarterback play over the past many years. Bridgewater will fix that, as he has the ability to do everything that the current QB's can't. He has arm strength, accuracy, pocket awareness and the ability to make plays with his feet if he has to. His biggest asset is that his name is not Blaine Gabbert.

2.) Trent Murphy, DE/OLB, Stanford

The Jaguars pass rush has been nonexistent for far too long. Murphy could be the start to fixing it. He's a rare breed of power and speed that opposing offenses would need to game plan for; and his 6'-6", 261 lbs build fits the mold of the LEO position to a t.

3.) C.J. Fiedorowicz, TE, Iowa

With Marcedes Lewis' future with the Jaguars up in the air, now may be the time to grab his replacement. Fiedorowicz is an amazing run blocker and also has the ability to make plays in the passing game. His 6'-7", 265 lbs build makes him the perfect redzone/goal line target.

4.)Cyril Richardson, G, Baylor

The interior line of the Jaguars has been pitiful this year, be it old age (Meester) or just plain being bad (Rackley), I'd expect this area to be addressed this offseason. Richardson has been a solid lineman throughout his college career, playing both guard and tackle for the Bears. Though he projects more as a guard in the NFL.

4 from Detroit.) Zack Martin, G, Notre Dame

As with Richardson, Martin is a solid blocker who has the ability to play guard or tackle.

4 from Baltimore.) Shayne Skov, LB, Stanford

Stanford has one of the best defenses in college football, and Skov is one of the main reasons why. With the ability to play either inside or outside, he is the perfect fit for Gus' hybrid system. He's great stopping the run, good in coverage and has great blitzing ability.

5.) James Stone, C, Tennessee

Stone is a member of an offensive line unit that has not allowed many sacks during his tenure with the team. Has the ability to block well in either the zone or gap scheme.

5 from Baltimore) Marion Grice, RB, Arizona St.

Grice has good size and speed and could come in and compete for playing time in the backfield next year. He also provides a nice threat in the passing game.

6.) Tevin McDonald, S, Eastern Washington

A risk/reward player due to off the field issues in the past. Could provide depth at safety due to the Lowery release, as well as play special teams.

7.) Isaiah Crowell, RB, Alabama St.

Another risk/reward player who could be a sleeper pick. Off the field issues in his past have hurt him and may lead to many teams passing on him. Could compete for playing time and/or contribute on special teams.

Possible Undrafted Free Agent's we could look at:

Henry Josey, RB, Missouri

Chuckie Keeton, QB, Utah St.

Ryan Hewitt, FB, Stanford

Jaz Reynolds, WR, Oklahoma

Greg Dent, WR, Florida St.

Eric Lefeld, OT, Cincinnati

Macky MacPherson, C, Syracuse

Aundrey Walker, G, USC

James Gayle, DE, Virginia Tech

Devan Drane, CB, Cincinnati

Karlos Williams, S, Florida St.

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