Comparing the Seahawks and Jaguars

I'm not a huge believer on having a 2nd favorite team. However, when Gus Bradley moved to Jacksonville I couldn't help but fall in love with the things they have going here. A terrific fan base and a complete rebuild from what was a talent-less team.

Anywho, a lot of things they have going on over here is very similar to what was in Seattle. Seattle actually had a somewhat decent team during their roster turnover. The Jaguars, don't. Gene Smith left Dave Caldwell with a team that was not decent in any way shape or form. When Seattle hired Pete Carroll they left him with the task in choosing the GM. There was a clear understanding that it would be a complete 50/50 partnership. They look for players that fit in Carroll's scheme and that were athletic enough to fill those roles. When Dave Caldwell hired Gus Bradley I believe they had that same understanding.

During the 1st year of the Pete Carroll era the Seahawks made over 200 transactions. 200. They don't play around. They turn over every rock, whatever country, college or planet that rock may be on. It's pretty clear what they want there. A physical run game, a fast physical defense and a tough run D. Jacksonville is gonna want to do the same thing. Now I wish I had an exact total on how many roster moves the Jaguars have made and as I have reviewed it is somewhere over 100.

During the Seahawks first 2 years under Carroll they were 7-9. During their first year they drafter Pro Bowl Tackle Russell Okung, Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor and Golden Tate (Walter Thurmond notable as well). During the first year the Seahawks had a stellar run defense but fell apart when converted DE Red Bryant was lost for the year with a torn ACL. Their ranking dropped to 15th against the rush and 27th against the pass. Chancellor, Okung and Tate never made a big impact until at least their 2nd year. Okung was injured, Chancellor was learning under the wing of Lawyer Milloy, and Tate had a problem with work ethic.

The next year the Seahawks grabbed KJ Wright and Richard Sherman. Wright made an immediate impact and caused the Seahawks to trade away Aaron Curry. Sherman however, didn't make an impact until half way in the season. Marcus Trufant and Walter Thurmond were lost for the year and Sherman stepped up big. During that year the Seahawks defense ranked 7th in points scored, 11th in pass defense, 4th against the rush and 5th in TO's. Still, the outcome was 7-9. Why? Because they didn't have a quarterback. Marshawn Lynch finally stood out in the zone blocking scheme, but with Tarvaris Jackson under center, you don't get much done. Quick comparison: T-Jack's 4th quarter comebacks: 0-6. Russell Wilson last year: 4.

You simply can't win without a quarterback. No matter how good your defense. Shoot, the Colts had nothing last year. All they had was their quarterback, Andrew Luck, and he led them from 2-14 to 11-5 and a playoff berth. This offseason would take a psychic to predict the Jaguars motives. They could go anywhere with all of the cap space they have. And in the draft. They will only look for a quarterback (long term solution) in the draft. That is unless Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III finds there way into the free agency *sigh*.

Basically the 2 spots on this roster that are solid are receiver and the secondary. The Jags will probably spend some big money this offseason, perhaps on the O-Line. They're not in need of resigning any of their recently drafted players (If there are any) any time soon. In fact, you can't renegotiate contracts until their last year. And with the new rookie signing restrictions leaves much more money to be invested in the free agency. I think the Jags will go 2-14 again this year. Lets wait till next season until I can make my next prediction.

I seem to be very obsessive about the Seahawks-Jags relationships. Whether it's the close ties involved with the teams, it's exciting. Arguably the best and worst teams in the NFL, they are, or will be similar. I'm a Seahawks fan first, but the Jaguars quickly converted me. #12thMan #DTWD

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