Jacksonville Jaguars - St. Louis Rams: Ask Turf Show Times



Ah, the wheels of the NFL go 'round and 'round... The Jags and Rams have been on a rough road in 2013, with the latest "bump" being the trade of Eugene Monroe to the Baltimore Ravens. The Rams have sputtered offensively, but the biggest story so far this season has been an under-performing defense that many thought would be in the NFL's Top 5? At this point, I'm not really sure which of these two teams is playing worse.

But all our moans and groans are from pages that have turned. It's a new week, with each team trying hard to shift from the moribund to relevant. Gus Bradley is a rookie head coach, so he's going to have titches along the way during his first NFL season at the helm. Maurice Jones Drew is still a great running back, and the "ground and pound" offense of the Jags is still in the brewing stages. Cecil Shorts and Justin Blackmon - who returns from suspension this week - are a very good wide receiver duo. The pieces parts are there to frame a team up from its current ground. But it's all ruined when someone mentions the word: PATIENCE!

I'm a life long Rams fan, so patience - or being brain dead - is something I have in abundance. We St. Louis Rams fans got just a bit ahead of ourselves before this season began. Oops! But come on, the Rams had a great NFL Draft for the second year in a row. Key players have been added, while dross has been swept away. So why aren't the Rams winning? I have no idea, so I thought I'd drop in here to - not just ask you a few questions about the Jaguars - see what you think. We're kindred spirits at this point, right?

I'm and editor and writer for Turf Show Time, the SBNation site for all things St. Louis Rams. I'll be dropping in the rest of the week to answer questions you might have about the Rams, and also to ask a few about the Jags.

The first one that comes to mind is the trade of Eugene Monroe to Baltimore. Given the rough nature of the team's offensive line to date, it's hard to fathom letting him go, or at least it is to an outsider like myself. Plus, you probably could've made a better deal with the Rams at this point, seeing as how our starting right tackle is out, and Jake Long is hurting. What picks did you get in return for Monroe? Is Joeckle up to filling his spot at left offensive tackle?

How are fans going to receiver Blackmon, now that he's back from suspension? How soon will he be up to speed so he can play? Another area I'd like to hear about is your defensive line. Strengths? Weaknesses? How's the Jags linebacker corps?

I'll be inviting Turf Show Times members to drop in to help answer your questions. Please don't hesitate to let me know if any of them forget they're guest here at Big Cat Country...

Here's to a great game!

BCC's own Adam Stites was our guest on Turf Show Times Podcast. He comes on at about the 16 minute mark, just before CBS Sports' Jamey Eisenberg. Give it a listen by clicking the link below...

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