You find football players where you find football players...Something interesting.

Perusing through the message boards (a mistake) and sometimes even perusing through the BCC comment sections, I see (especially at a lot of people complaining about rebuilding through the draft as well as the Monroe trade. They seem to think that picks after the 3rd round are pretty much useless and most players from the late rounds don't even make it onto NFL rosters.

Obviously this is not the case, considering the amount of players on each team and the number of teams in the league, but I still wanted to check this out.

The Seattle Seahawks are a very good team with really good management. They have a philosophy of team building that has worked out really well. I imagine that with Gus Bradley here, and the new wave of GMs like Dave Caldwell (and the fact that the NFL is a copy cat league) that our rebuilding/drafting philosophy will be similar to the Seahawks. I wanted to know how their roster was populated.

Field Gulls (the sbnation Seahawks site) has an interesting piece from 02/27/2013 which outlines the roster breakdown of the team by draft round (link: A very nice job they did.

I am astounded by the amount of starters and real contributing players on the team that are from the later rounds of the draft (Chancellor and Sherman are 5th rounders) They have many UDFAs as well.

For me, this clearly shows the way to build a team through the draft and through UDFA. I feel that before anyone makes a statement on the worth of draft picks after the third round (and the worth of draft picks in general) they should look at this breakdown.

It would be nice to see the Jags roster broken down in a similar way (I'd do it, but short on time). I am willing to bet that in 2015-ish, when this team is ready to compete, our roster breakdown will look just like this - and the performance of the team will reflect it.

All of this, of course, depends on the ability of the GM, the coaches and the scouting staff to bring in good players. Just a thought! Go Jags!

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