Twenty Years of Jaguars in 2014...Here's an idea...

My wife and I were recently discussing the history of the Jaguars in Jacksonville, and it occurred to us that the 2014 season will be the 20th year of NFL football on the First Coast. When we arrived here via my Navy assignment in 1985, we never thought we would remain as long as we have. I never thought we would be part of the NFL experience, because back then, we never dreamed of something like the Jaguars ever being established here.

And on a more personal note, I never thought my wife Kelly, who pretty much hated football and suffered with my obsession for the New York Giants, would become the huge football fan she is today. Spending our Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays together at the stadium brought us closer together than I ever imagined it would.

So, nearly 20 years later, we wondered how the team planned to celebrate this milestone. We all know about the coming changes to the stadium, including what will be the largest video boards in the league. But we wondered if Shad Khan and his staff had any special plans for fans, especially those of us who have been season ticket owners since day one. I read somewhere recently that there are about three thousand of the original Jaguar season ticket owners remaining, and we think it would be great if the team would consider some kind of recognition to those fans, besides just a nice 20-year pin.

So Kelly and I came up with an idea, one that, if the teams considers it seriously, I would be willing to give them full credit for undertaking, since as two of those originals, we would want to participate.

We would like to suggest that Mr. Khan hold a raffle of sorts for the remaining original season ticket owners. At some point prior to the 2014 season, three season ticket owners would be randomly selected to win one of three really great prizes, as a way of saying "thank you" to those of us who have been here since the start. My suggested top three prizes:

  • Third Prize: Free season tickets for the winner for a full season. Throwing in a parking pass for the season would be a nice addition as well.
  • Second Prize: An all-expenses paid trip to the 2016 Super Bowl at the soon-to-be-completed Levi's Stadium outside San Francisco. San Francisco is really nice.
  • First Prize: An all-expenses paid trip to one of the upcoming Jaguar home games in London. Tickets to the game, plane fare and a nice hotel would be pretty sweet. Even better: allow the winners to travel with the team and spend the week going to some team-sponsored events. This would give the winners a chance to see a bit more of the city, which is something most of us only dream about.

Of course, my benevolence ends with the suggestion. I want to be entered and I want to win. Just like the rest of you "originals."

So, leave a comment if you think this (or something even better) is a great suggestion.

Hey, you never know, right?

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