Is Caldwell offseason moves the reason Jags are so bad?

It seem to be a common theme with fans that Cadwell off season moves left the Jags in a place where they are so awful and couldn't recover to have even a medicore season but is that really the case? I know numbers don't completely give the full picture of everything but it is a good exercise to see how the former players and the replacements are doing.


Greg Jones 2 carries 2 yards 2 rec 5 yards

Will Ta’ufo’ou 1 carry 1 yard 9 rec 35 yards

The those numbers don't mean anything for a FB but a lot of people have complained about loss of Greg Jones. As far I can see Greg Jones isn't doing anything special for the Texans but Jones and MJD where together for awhile so I guess some MJD lack of production could be blame on the loss of Greg Jones.


Sen'darrick Marks 18 tackles 1 ff 2 sacks

Terrance Knighton 12 0ff 2 sacks

Marks has the better numbers and the numbers don't show amount of hits Marks has had on the QB. Given the choice between the two it is easy Marks. I know somebody will point to Knighton being better than Roy Miller but Miller has 12 tackles on the season. Again I don't see a big loss in Knighton even though I think he would help the run defense some.


Daryl Smith 62 tackles 1 ff 2 int

Geno Hayes 48 tackles

This is probably the biggest loss the only player I think the Jaguars should have kept, As well being a good player he brought leadership to the team which be great help this season I think but coming off an injury and his age being factor I understand why he wasn't brought back and terms of production Geno Hayes is doing alright.


Derek Cox 29 tackles 1 int

Alan Ball 27 tackles

Another one people complain about alot but considering how much he was paid and what the Jaguars paid free agents db that replace him and fact almost no production is loss the Jaguars won by not resigning him

Aaron Ross 4 tackles 1 int

Will Blackmon 25 tackles 1 ff 1 int

Just to easy, By the way Gratz 9 tackles and McCray 8 tackles

Dawan Landry 41 tackles 1 Sack 1 int

Johnnatan Cyprien 42 tackles 2 ff

Basically no loss in production, Josh Evans isn't that far off with 37 tackles either.

The basic breakdown as I see it Daryl Smith is the only loss and their is a perfect good reasoning behind not bring him back. You could make argument for if they had brought everybody they would have better depth and would be doing better this season but they would have to continue paying players who you could clear match their production and in the long run the move works better for the Jags, The extra cap room will help them sign better players and even these players turn into back ups they are cheaper back ups that are match production of people who was starting for the Jags.What do you guys think?

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