Assessing Draft Needs

The 2013 draft was the first step to a long rebuilding process. Under Dave Caldwell and Gus Bradley the Jaguars are primed to have a Seattle Seahawks esque makeover. And with a team that is built like the Seahawks, it all starts in the draft, not free agency. With the Seahawks at least they had a somewhat decent roster to rebuild with, JAX on the other hand, well. Sucks. Anyways, The Jags first assessed their needs in the secondary and added playmakers (Ace Sanders, Denard Robinson) to the offense. This roster is horrible, so I'll just list out the needs. The 2013 quarterback class was atrocious, but the 2014 class looks to have the star power this one lacked.

The O-Line is horrible. Eugene Monroe was traded and Will Rackley is one of the worst OL in the league. Luke Joeckel looks like he's gonna be the real deal and hopefully he has a good QB to protect their blindside soon. The O-Line position in this years draft looks VERY weak after the first round. The Wide Receiver position looks OK so I'll turn my focus to Running Back. An aging MJD's contract expires this year and he really hasn't shown anything to stay on this roster. Obviously being stacked with 8 in the box every play with a shitty O-Line isn't helping, but maybe that's another reason not to keep him. This is gonna be a run heavy offense much like in Seattle, relying on play action passes.

Blaine Gabbert is horrible. Chad Henne is horrible. The Jaguars main focus should be on quarterback. The Jags look bad enough to land a player like Teddy Bridgewater, a player to build their roster around. The Jags need that mobile quarterback with a powerful yet accurate arm. I'm assuming that they will hold the #1 pick in the draft so I won't get too far into the Hundley's or Manziel's (Whom in my opinion is nothing more than a 3rd round talent). Having a mobile quarterback will help them adapt into what is today's read option. It opens up so much more and is a dangerous play-- on both sides. I wouldn't be surprised if the Jags draft another DB, especially late, being that they didn't completely resolve that need but I think that they will be fine.

Mercedes Lewis will likely be gone next year while the depth behind him is decent I don't believe they can step up. Maybe Clay Harbor, maybe. The Jags also need to address the DL position. The LEO spot needs to get filled up by someone much quicker than Jason Babin. Maybe if the Seahawks release Benson Mayowa they can pick him up, too. I am against going for Jadeveon Clowney. I'd take a franchise QB over a DE any day, no matter how ridiculously talented and dynamic that player may be (And he is). The defensive tackles look fine for this year but they will need to address that position eventually. At Linebacker there are really no long term solutions.

Paul Posluszny is gone after this year and Geno Hayes is only here on a short 2 year contract. Russell Allen is a solid player, and there is promising depth at the position with John Lotuleiei and LaRoy Reynolds. I don't feel that addressing the Special Teams is necessary. They're fine. To put it precisely, this roster needs work everywhere. Would a 2015 playoff run be reasonable? YES, but it will be a long, painful, agonizing wait. If you expect an 8 win season then you're delusional, but this is going to be one special team.

NFL 2014 Draft Players to Watch:

(Notice it is all QB's)

Teddy Bridgewater, Brett Hundley, Marcus Mariota, Tahj Boyd, Keith Price (Late rd)

On the biased side of things: UW Huskies prospects: Austin Sefarian Jenkins, Bishop Sankey, Kasen Williams and Josh Shirley are all studs. In the next couple of years watch for Shaq Thompson. Whether it's at Safety, LB, or even a nickel corner type, watch for this savage.

In Season Free Agent Pick Ups/Waiver Claims to Watch For: The Seattle Seahawks 2013 roster

Notes: First fanpost was poorly written but fun, OUT.

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