Hurricane's First 2014 NFL Mock Draft

It may be too early for mock drafts, but with us being 0-4 right now, and they are picking the Rams to win, and the Broncos will have a 99.9% chance of winning (It's not 100% because it is the NFL, and anything can happen). We may even be the next team to go 0-16. I expect that the Steelers and Giants will snap out of their losing steaks soon.

The games are so lopsided that I almost want to do what Luke Bryan says in his new hit song "My Kind of Night".

"Row my boat down Planet River, catch us some catfish dinner."

But I don't have a boat, so that won't work.

At least I don't have to worry about my truck rolling into a pond, since I don't have a truck, and I can't drive even if I wanted to, since I can't see. I mean, you kind of need to be able to see in order to drive (that may change soon, though).

If y'all haven't heard what Luke Bryan did yesterday (October 4th), go ahead and Google it.

Anyways, getting back on track here's my first mock draft:

Round 1: 1st Overall Pick:

Teddy Bridgewater, QB, Louisvills.

We desperately need a QB, and in terms of talent, he's the best in this draft class, which is a much stronger draft for QBs than that of 2013

Round 2: 34th Overall Pick:

Gabe Jackson, OG, Mississippi State

The O-Line needs to be addressed early in the draft, especially LG, since Rackley is the weakest link on the O-Line.

Round 3: 65th Overall Pick:

Daniel McCullers: DT, Tennessee

We are thin at DT, and if I'm right, Gus Bradley likes to "Build a wall" when it comes to the D-Line, and McCullers could be the guy who could take up a lot of space, and he could possibly be valuable on special Teams, since he is 6'6", so he may be a guy who block some punts for us.

Round 4: 1st Pick:

C.J. Fiedorwicz: TE, Iowa

Mercedes Lewis will possibly not be on the team next year due to his price tag, and he is injured right now, and didn't produce much the past few years, whether it being because of poor QB play, being held back to help block do to help block due to poor O-Line play, or due to personal reasons. The Steelers may be a good fit for him, since they do have a pro Bowl QB who has wow two out of three Super Bowls.The Steelers also lack a capable TE, and Lewis is solid, but we will likely move on. That is where Fiedorwicz comes in: to replace Lewis.

Round 4: (From Ravens):

Morgan Moses: OT, Virginia

Could be the future at RT. He tries to get his hands on defenders to take them wherever he wants them to go. He does need to continue to refine his technique, and he does need to keep his weight in check, but with a little help, he could develop into a solid RT.

Round 5: 1st Pick:

Max Bullough: MLB, Michigan State

As much as I like having Poz, I think he could be on a different team next year due to his price. Bullough may be the best MLB we can get in the 5th round.

Round 5: (From Lions):

DeMarcus Lawrence: DE, Boise State

Could he be a late round steal for a LEO?

Round 5: (From Ravens):

James Stone: C, Tennessee

Brad Meester is likely done. He'll probably go ahead and retire a Jaguar.

Round 6:

George Attkinson III: RB, Notre Dame

MJD may return next year, but we do need a running back to eventually take his place.

Round 7:

Crockett Gilmore: TE, CSU

We need someone to be the number 2 TE one the depth chart, and he may be more of a developmental prospect, but he has made some nice plays for the CSU Rams. I'm also picking him because I'm a little biased here since I'm currently attending CSU.

For Ever Green

Fight On,

You Stalwart Ram Team,

On To The Goal,

Tear The Opponents Line Asunder,

fight On You StallAs Down The Field We Thunder,

Knights Of The Green And Gold,

Fight On With All Your Might,

Fight On You Stalwart Ram Team,


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