My WAY too early mock draft 2014

I think for this one since every ones draft stock is in flux right now I'm just going to put mine in a list. We have a good amount of picks right now, but I feel that we aren't finished yet. As much as I would love to have Mojo finish his career off here, at this point he has more trade value than play value for us. I don't know if it's because he's still fighting his way back from injury or what all I know is he has for sure lost a step or two. He is no way the same player from two years ago. Part of that can be blamed on the lines play but really it's not that much different of the O-line from two years ago. The likely place he would land us a good deal I think is Pittsburgh, Cleveland, or even Oakland. I think we could manage to get a 4th and 5th for mojo easily. I also feel like we can move Marcedes Lewis and Dwight Lowery. At this point Marcedes just isn't relevant to this team anymore this year and likely not in the future either. With the way Josh Evans is playing why not just let him play out the remainder of this atrocious season. Let him develop on the field with Cyprien and then watch out next year. Those two will be absolutely dominating for years to come. With the recent departure of Eugene Monroe it kind of makes me think we might go OT again with our #1, In an effort to gain cohesion and teamwork on the O-Line I wouldn't shocked to see Caldwell take Jake Matthews in the first. I personally think that this is the year to get your franchise QB. There are numerous options available this year from Bridgewater, Boyd, and Fales all the way down to Carr and McCarron. Me personally, I would love to see Teddy Bridgewater in black and teal.

So, here's what I've put together so far, with just the Mojo trade to cleveland due to their massive amount of picks,

1-7 jags + 5th from lions

Trade Maurice Jones-Drew to Cleveland for 3. 71 and 4. 98

Trade Eugene Monroe to Baltimore for 4. 115 and 5. 144

Projecting a possible 3-5 for either Lowery or Lewis. More than likely Lowery due to his upside.

1st #1. QB Teddy Bridgewater

2nd #1. DE Vic Beasley

3rd #1. C Tyler Larson

3rd #7. RB James Wilder Jr.

3rd#? RT Morgan Moses

4th #1. LB Andrew Jackson

4th #2. WR Dri Archer

4th #18 TE Arthur Lynch

5th #1. LB Boseko Lokombo

5th #11. LB Max Bullough

5th #18 WR Cody Hoffman

6th #1. OG Chris Watt

7th #1. DB Stanley Jean-Baptiste

As of right now these are all potential UDFA's that we can for sure use on tryouts in camp. The biggest name on here that I think is a lock is Jacques Smith from Tennessee. He is a LEO if there ever was one. A pure beast getting after the ball.

College Free Agency

QB Keith Price

QB Logan Thomas

RB Michael Dyer

WR L'Damian Washington

WR Je'Ron Hamm

WR DJ Coles

TE Justin Jones

DE Jacques Smith

CB Keon Lyn

S Isaiah Johnson

SS Lonnie Ballertine

S Dexter Moody

S Nick Williams

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