We have seen this movie before

Blaine Gabbert left Sunday's game with a hamstring injury, Chad Henne came in and the offense became productive. So, what's Jacksonville's plan for the future? Stick with Gabbert. It's become a nauseating rerun.

Chad Henne is not the solution in Jacksonville and he never will be, but Blaine Gabbert is the biggest problem. Granted Gabbert's spent three years in a team that has been in turmoil and disarray for three years. And he could probably get better protection from the cheerleaders than what he's getting from the offensive line. And he hasn't been able to throw to his best wide receiver. However, he has proven time and time again, second chance after second chance, that he is not an NFL caliber quarterback.

Last season, Gabbert suffered a season ending injury and Henne came in and drove the team to the endzone, off the bat, several times. The team still lost games, but they stood fighting chances in some of those games and the offense became productive. More importantly, Justin Blackmon finally got his hands on the football and showed what he was capable of.

Fast forward to this year and the stubborn commitment to Blaine Gabbert. Week one, Jacksonville scores only two points but the team finally drives to the red zone in the closing minutes of the game - after Gabbert was injured and Henne came in. Two more weeks under Henne and things don't look as bad. Then, Gabbert's back and the Jags are blown out again, this time by the Indianapolis Colts.

That takes us to Sunday's game against the Rams and the third re-run of this movie. Gabbert goes down, Henne comes in and leads the team right in to the endzone. Gabbert will again miss at least one week, if not more, due to his hamstring injury and Henne will start a few more games. However, Coach Gus Bradley says Gabbert will be starting again when he's healthy.

This commitment to Gabbert, which fits Albert Einstein's definition of insanity, has now got me to the point where I can't watch the games because I have a concussion from banging my head against my desk repeatedly.

Hopefully, when the Jaguars get the first overall draft pick (that New York and Pittsburgh are trying to fight the Jags for), they'll draft a quarterback and the team will finally abandon the failed Blaine Gabbert experiment. Yes, the team has more problems than just at quarterback, but the team will never thrive with Blaine Gabbert.

Now, it's time for me to stock up on liquor ahead of Sunday's massacre.

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