10 pick draft caldwellesque!!

Our draft last year focused highly on the secondary so this year it will probably revolve more around the trenches and front 7.

1. Teddy Bridgewater QB Louisville

Not a topic of debate at all Bridgewater goes here unless he has some miraculous change of heart to return to school, as far as mariota challenging for the number 1 overall pick I don't see that at all Bridgewater is the consensus number one quarterback.

Alternate Pick: Nah

2. Gabe Jackson OG Miss St.

While this is very much wishful thinking there are always reaches and fallers during the draft.Due to the number of athletic freaks benefiting from the combine and such I can see him falling. He's a mauler in the run game while he is very large he is agile enough to pull and create massive holes with his 6'4 340 frame. He will help our running game immensely and he's a more than capable pass protector.

Alternate Pick: Trent Murphy DE Stanford

3. Demarcus Lawrence DE Boise St.

While he has had some off the field issues he has put his head down and shown promise this year as a pass rusher registering 10.5 sacks and 18 tackles for a loss. He's quick off the ball and bends once he gets around OT's. He has the ability to drop back into coverage and is an excellent playmaker all across the defense.

Alternate Pick: Telvin Smith LB FSU

4.James Wilder RB FSU

He is a downhill runner with a great blend of speed and power. Wilder is a violent pass protector and has good hands out of the backfield. He hits the whole with authority and pushes the pile ,my only knock is that he runs too high and doesn't wear his uniform properly.

Alternate Pick: Tyler Gaffney RB Stanford

4.Devantae Parker WR Louisville

Obvious connection with Bridgewater. He may not be a burner but he is easily the best receiver in the country when it comes to getting the jump ball. With Blackmon not being able to stay on the field consistently, a big play receiver like parker is a necessity. He has a lean frame but has excellent body control and an inept of ability of high pointing the ball.

Alternate Pick: L'damian washington WR Missouri

5. Brandon Coleman WR Rutgers

An excellent deep threat weapon due to his long stride and exceptional size. His routes could use some improvement but he is an excellent receiver with deceptive speed and who uses his frame to box out smaller db's.

Alternate Pick: Dri Archer wr/rb Kent St.

5. Jon Halapio OG Florida

An excellent run blocker who absolutely mauls opposing lineman. He exhibits good balance, hand placement, and he finishes his blocks with tenacity.

Alternate Pick: Chris Borland LB Wisconsin

5.Morgan Moses OT Virginia

He'd a be a great RT opposite of joeckel he has good feet, he uses his long arms to anticipate contact rather than lunge at edge rushers and other defenders. He blocks downfield and once his hands get inside he keeps himself low and mashes his defenders.

Alternate Pick: Keith Smith LB SJSU

6.Keith Price QB Washington

He showed improved decision making throughout his tenure at washington. He doesn't have the strongest arm but is able to make the the throws with good anticipation and velocity. He also has an inept ability to improvise escape the pocket and keep his eyes down field. He has start potential but injuries will hurt his stock.

Alternate Pick: Isaiah Crowell RB Alabama St.

7. Nikita Whitlock DT Wake forest

Not your typical mismatch at 5'10 250 but he demands a double team. he has recorded 9 sacks on the year and is a true craftsman. His wrestling background has helped him immensely in his ability to hand fight and despite his size his use of leverage and quick hands creates a mismatch for opposing lineman. He's lined up at the 1,3,6, and 0 technique and creates mismatches all down the line. He is a disruptive presence with great quickness and deceptive strength.

Give me your thoughts and feedback....... criticism.

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