2014 Key player replacements.

Just for the sake of topical debate i will be doing a series of articles where I will identify/breakdown potential replacements for players on the jaguars roster. These replacements will be 2014 draft eligible players. I will stay away from the qb's and ot's they feel so repetitive to me. So as far as replacements every other position it'll be almost every other eposition of need. As for reasons they are begin replaced the will include starting by atrocity, being overpaid, lack of consistency, and injury. So ill start with TE. Marcedes Lewis

He had 10 touchdown season and appeared to be on the verge of a promising career. While his effectiveness or lack there of can be attributed to our woes at RT he still has/had been highly ineffective this season. He has made some spectacular plays but he has been injured for most of this season and compared to other TE's he is grossly overpaid. He is the 5th highest paid tight end behind jermichael finley,antonio gates,vernon davis, and zach miller. In 2014 he will be the highest paid tightened making nearly 7 million dollars. He has 9 receptions this year and no touchdowns so he is an obvious player that needs to be replaced unless he restructures. Here are candidates I see as good replacements for him.

Eric Ebron TE UNC 6'4 245

He's been the most explosive TE in the country to me the only thing Austin Seferian-Jenkins(ASJ) and Jace Amaro have over him is size. Ebron is the most explosive has the best hands easily of the three and the most speed. Prior to this season I listed him as a replacement for marcedes lewis so i'll end it with this they just don't end for ebron if we were to acquire an extra 1st round pick i'd pray this was the guy we used it on.

He's a 1st round like but who knows what caldwell could pull during the draft.

Austin seferian-jenkins(ASJ) TE Washington 6'6 276

I First noticed him i believe it was against Boise St he suffered a high ankle sprain during a game got ti taped came back in the game and was attacking the ball over small defenders,dragging them like he was totally fine. He is a monster he has a long stride and has a build similar to Marcedes Lewis and Jimmy Graham. He uses his frame to his advantage he catches the ball away from his body and uses his long arms to keep defenders at bay from swatting the ball or attempting to tackle him. His blocking need development but he is decent at it but his vertical leaping ability,large frame, and ability to make touches are ideal traits he exhibits:

Due to his character concerns and some of his injuries he will fall but he'll still stay in the 2nd round.

Xavier Grimble TE Southern California 6'5 250

His numbers have not been gaudy but one number stands out on film and his stat sheet. His yards per catch average. While iv'e only seen about 3 videos of film on him when he gets the ball he has the ability to shake some defenders and extend the ball which is a great trait for a safety blanket type player. You can dump it off to him and he will find space to work he's nimble movement is close to Eric Ebron's just not as explosive.

Gator Hoskins TE Marshall 6'2 244

Not Typical size for a TE but do not be fooled he is an athlete. He has a stocky build and uses good leverage with it. He's an excellent receiver and rakeem cato relies on him heavily he has had double digit touchdowns the last two years and has 18 this season. He reminds me delanie walker not very tall but a more than able blocker and receiver.

Here are some of the explosive plays he can make.

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