Remainder of the season for Jags

Who would have thought that we would be saying the Jacksonville Jaguars would be fighting for a playoff spot this year? Not me. The AFC has been a mess this year, and Jacksonville has taken advantage over the past 5 weeks. Winning 4 of their last 5 games, they aren't fighting over who gets Teddy Bridgewater first. Noooooo. They're fighting for the second Wild Card spot.

While some may think the best option is to lose out and get Teddy, that's flat out stupid. I'd take a wild card spot on a crappy team any day even if that means losing out on him. Either way it's too late. And now that they've got momentum and a chance, why not keep the train moving?

Patience is key, and that's how they're gonna find their quarterback. It took Russell Wilson 3 rounds to get drafted. 3! Wilson is outperforming the top 2 picks in last year's draft (Granted, he does have better weapons and RG3 has not been the same since his injury.) But there are gems all throughout the draft, and if they don't find their guy, say hello to whatever short term quarterback comes to town.

The Jaguars face two teams with losing records in the next two weeks, the Buffalo Bills and the Tennessee Titans. Both of those teams are also coming off of 2 straight losses. The other team they will face is the Indianapolis Colts, a somewhat bipolar team at this point of the season.

In week 4 Indy beat Jacksonville 37-3, but things have changed now. What was then a Jacksonville team without wins is now a team fighting for a playoff spot. The chances are very slim, but it's there. Guys are coming together and making a statement. Maurice Jones-Drew in my opinion, has been playing well all season. But now that the line is playing decent he's starting to get some open holes and make some plays.

They're really starting to get Ace Sanders involved and he's been effective in the pass game. Cecil Shorts has been consistent all year and as long as Henne can make a good throw to him, he'll make the play. Credit to Jedd Fisch, he's done a hell of a job over these past 5 weeks getting guys the ball. The trick plays have been nice, I'd like to see them keep coming.

On the defensive side Andre Branch has been getting it done. The effort has shown as he has picked up 4 sacks in the past 3 games. Jonathan Cyprien has played well all year and keeps on improving. Cyp is very effective in the run game and his struggles as a pass defender look to be fading. Geno Hayes is finally starting to make some plays and has been a factor in these past 4 weeks. Babin, who started the year slow, has racked up 3.5 sacks over the past 3 weeks.

It's hard to single so many people out because they've simply come together and played some good football. But one group I can easily single out is the cornerbacks. They've played good football all year and have played well over the lot of the season.

If Jacksonville can keep it up wins against Tennessee and Buffalo shouldn't be too difficult. They've got to bring their A game against Indianapolis, though. The playoffs are unlikely, but hope is still alive.

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