2014 Mock Draft (5th overall pick)

For this mock I'm assuming Atlanta, Houston, Washington (pick to Rams), and Minnesota finish with worse records and pick before the jags.

Round 1, Pick 5: OLB Anthony Barr (UCLA)

I see Houston and Minnesota taking up Bridge and Mariota. Atlanta goes with Clowney and Rams get Jake Matthews. Luckily that leaves Barr on the board. QB is a bigger need but with the best two gone you can't pass on a talent like this. Barr is the perfect build for the LEO position, the same weight and just an inch taller than Seattle's Bruce Irvin. Even with his great production (43 solo tackles and 10 sacks so far in 2013) his technique is still raw, he only started playing the position last year, giving him tremendous upside.

Round 2, Pick 37: QB Tajh Boyd (Clemson)

This may be a reach but I see Carr and Manziel and Hundley and Mettenberger going first which could leave Boyd avaliable at the top of the second. A little shorter than desired but he is tough and an accurate passer and can pick up yards with his legs as well.

Round 3, PIck 69: C Tyler Larsen (Utah State)

Meester has fallen off and needs to be replaced. Larsen could be a long term fixture on the o line.

Round 4: OG Chris Watt (Notre Dame)

Rackley is another player that needs replacing. Watt has started at left guard for 3 straight seasons, with that experience it shouldn't take too much to transition to the NFL.

Round 4: QB David Fales (San Jose St)

Coming off a huge 500 yard 7 TD effort against a ranked Fresno State team. After passing on a QB in the first I think we need to add some competition in the later rounds. Fales is accurate with good vision to look past his wr1 and find who;s open. This may be a reach but I'm thinking his lack of size and arm strength may have him slipping this far.

Round 5: RB James White (Wisconsin)

Even if MJD comes back it will likely be a short term deal so it's time to think of the future at RB. White is quick and powerful as well as a solid pass blocker.

Round 5: OG Ryan Groy (Wisconsin)

Another pick from the Paul Ryan state, Groy is huge at 6' 5" 320 pounds and helped pave the way for Wisconsin's stellar run game this year. With the way the jags interior o line has played this year we can't take enough players at this position.

Round 5: WR Josh Huff (Oregon)

Round 6: DT Bruce Gaston (Purdue)

Round 7: TE Kaneakua Friel (BYU)

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