2014 Draft cfb gems/mismatches

A.C. Leonard TE Tennessee St.

A very explosive player at the TE postiion he still has good explosion and speed after the catch he is an adequate blockers and squares up with his defenders and maintains good leverage throughout the process. He still flashes the ability he once did at florida and still can be a very able TE in the nfl.

Lorenzo taliaferro RB Coastal Carolina

A very agile and adept pass catcher out of the backfield and at 6'2 230 he is load to tackle in the open field and between the tackles. When he lines up at receiver he looks fluid in route running and has really good hands he's a bigger darren sproles just not as nimble, but still relatively nimble despite his size.

Jonathan dowling Safety WKU

Another florida transfer he is a rangy big hitting safety with great ball skills. At 6'3 190 he has room to put on weight but he still delivers the boom in open space. His ball hawking ability and range make him a defensive terror. He can play in the box, one high and two high I wouldn't doubt his ability to play at corner. He is a flashy players with a lot of potential.

Dri archer WR/RB/KR/PR Kent St.

He was injured a lot this season but prior to that he was the Yellow Flashes offense. He did everything he is very undersized but his speed makes him a threat on every play. He runs good routes and has good vision out of the ball field. As a returner he sets up his blocks then finds seems up the field which he explode through.

Nikita whitlock DT wake forest

A true technician at DT for wake forest he is severely undersized for his position but do not be fooled his ability and technique are second to only Aaron Donald. Nikita already has the leverage and is an inept hand fighter so he gets into the backfield easily. His quickness, leverage, and hand fighting make up for his lack of size and he is versatile enough to play all over the line.

Stanley jean baptiste CB Nebraska

Great size and speed but he is lacking some in his technique. He was matched up with allen robinson most of the game vs Penn State although he has shown the speed to guard a technician like allen robinson he needs to learn to track the ball better. He was to able to shut down robinson but he had a few good plays where he was able to breka on routes before robinson which is a good thing. He has the ability to mirror receivers well but he needs to be more consistent in his tackling and physicality. Although he is large at 6'3 220 he doesn't use his size to his advantage he has the range and length to jam receivers just needs to do it more consistently.

Isaiah Crowell RB Alabama St.

HE HAS NOT LOST A STEP SINCE HIS DAYS AT GEORGIA. An absolute beast a powerful back with deceptive speed. He makes people miss in space and does not shy away from contact. He is not the best pass catcher but can move the chains because of elusiveness in the open field.

Trey Burton RB/TE/WR/FB

He can bring versatility to any football team he has experience at all of these spots and is a great player you would want on your team. He settled in at WR but his size and sped create a mismatch at many offensive positions including quarterback.

Most of these guys i project as 3rd and down players so i'm hoping at least 1 of the 10 picks goes to one of these later round players.

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