Offseason Choices PT 1

With this year finally over with we hopefully have seen the last of Chad Henne. We can now start grinding away at all the possibilities in front of us. With nearly 50 million in cap space and 10 draft picks, it promises to be an eventful offseason. So I won't talk about the past, this season is done and over so we shall leave it there. Thankfully we have lots of options in all phases of the offseason to keep us going for the long break.

Being this is my first entry in to the debate for this year end, let us begin where they will begin. Identifying free agency pick ups! Sticking to the plan that was laid out last year we are looking for building blocks. Meaning still young and have lots of good football ahead of them. I started with are biggest need in my opinion our O-line. The most likely of which and should be a instant signing for us in my eyes is Jon Asamoah. He will be a day one starter and instantly upgrade a struggling position that has been a revolving door. The one that I hope we can get but might not even get a shot at is Alex Mack. We are losing Meester to retirement and I know Brewster is hie heir apparent. He just cant stay healthy, and no I'm not blaming him for his injury this year. But you can't pass on the #1 center in the league for him.... sorry. Last but not least and another for sure easy no brainer for us would be Rodger Saffold. He would be able to compete for starting RT time and add solid depth. Just in case Cam can't come to an agreement or need to fill in for Luke again.

The next issue I went after was solidifying our defense in two areas. First our pass rush, and for that I look to sign Greg Hardy. He earned his first pro bowl nod this year so he could be looking to get paid. Carolina cant afford to do that. I would gladly put him in Alualu's place and put Tyson back inside or let him go. Second big issue adding not only talent but veteran leadership to our secondary with Sam Shields. It's not likely he gets out of Green Bay I know but if he should become available, come on down!!

You will notice there are no receivers, QB's, running backs, or anything else for that matter. I think that minus a franchise QB we are pretty well stocked at all the others. I for one think we have great depth in our TE's now with Lewis, Harbor, and Noble. I will however say that these are key positions to keep adding YOUNG talent to. The right way to do that is through the draft.

Just a few other possible free agents to look in to but not a priority signing for day one or even week one. DT Linval Joseph, DE Lamarr Houston, TE Ed Dickson, and WR Hakeem Nicks.

So just to make it easier to read here's the list of Free Agency Pickups

OG Jon Asamoah

OC Alex Mack

OT Rodger Saffold

DE Greg Hardy

CB Sam Shileds

Up next.... The Draft and College Free Agency

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