G's 2014 Jaguars Entire Mock Draft 1.0

I'm going to do a current mock draft based upon all 10 draft picks the Jags currently have and am going to assume they make no trades.

(May do more mocks later if trades have been speculated or made official.)

Round 1, Pick 3: Jadeveon Clowney, DE South Carolina.

Houston has the number one pick and I believe whole-heartedly that they are searching for a quarterback just as much as we are. Schaub has lost his touch and I don't think that the Texans see any of their other current QB's as the future of the position. The Rams will more than likely look to give Sam Bradford one last shot and bolster their offensive line by drafting OT Jake Matthews from Texas A&M. Clowney makes sense here as he is the best available player and one at a position of need. I don't see Caldwell reaching for a guy like Bortles, Manziel, or Carr if he isn't sure that one of those guys can be 'the' guy.

Round 2, Pick 7: Ka'Deem Carey, RB, Arizona

If Caldwell doesn't deem any of the quarterbacks in the draft worthy of the third overall pick, I have a feeling he may wait and see who slides to us in the third round--again, assuming there are no trades. That being said, Carey is the top option in my opinion in this class of backs. Depsite being suspended for the first game of the season and the concerns with off-the-field issues, Carey has rushed for at least 100 yards in every game this season with an impressive performance against Oregon going for 208 yards on 48 carries and 4 TD's. He's a quick back who gains yardage in huge chunks and shows a second gear in the open field. With or without MJD, he'd be a nice addition to our backfield.

Round 3, Pick 6: A.J. McCarron, QB, Alabama

I know that many people don't like this pick. But let me tell you something, McCarron is going to definitely get a hard look from our coaches and GM and here's why, all he does is win. While yes, winning is important and can help in catching the attention of NFL coaches, scouts, and GM's... McCarron is more than a 'game manager'. He has great pocket poise and even when Alabama's line broke down at times, never seemed to be rattled when the pressure was in his face, unlike somebody we all know. Aside from that, his decision making and accuracy are top-notch. He puts a nice touch on the ball and throws them to where the only person who can make a play on the ball is his receiver and no one else.

Round 4, Pick 5: Jeremiah Attaochu, OLB, Georgia Tech

This guy is a great pick-up in the fourth round and someone who could come in and compete at the LEO position. Attaochu is tied for most sacks in Georgia Tech history with 31 and leads the FBS with 31 career sacks as well. In coverage he looks comfortable dropping back if he has to, but also has great closing speed when rushing the QB. He fits very well in our defense and could fit as a LEO DE or an OLB.

Round 4, Pick 14/19: L'Damian Washington, WR, Missouri

Washington is a raw talent with a high upside. With a frame of 6'5" and just over 200 lbs., it's easy to peg him as a possession-type receiver. However, he possess other intangibles that make him an all-around package that could be attractive to Jerry Sullivan, someone who I believe can turn Washington into a damn good receiver. He's quick (4.3-4.4 40-yard dash), has good hands, adds another dimension to special teams play, and he's extremely reckless.

This touchdown on 1st and goal with 6:30 in the third against Texas A&M is the best catch I have seen someone make against the Aggies all season. His athleticism here is what's truly impressive... extending, keeping his feet in bounds, and his concentration. Not once did he lose focus of the ball despite several attempts to dislodge the ball by the defender. With his raw talent and the coaching he'll receive from the great Jerry Sullivan, the sky is the limit with this guy.

Round 5, Pick 4: Brandon Linder, OG, Miami

Linder is a prospect who I think has flown under the radar with Miami's offensive woes. Jedd Fisch would be the best person to know how to get the best out of Linder as he was the OC in Miami previously. Linder is a monster in the weight room, has long arms, and great speed when he pulls. Strong and consistent in pass protection despite some stiffness. He bends his knees better than most and plays with a good pad level and overall is a decent athlete and someone who can step right in at guard and start week one in my opinion, his familiarity with Fisch will help a lot as well.

Round 5, Pick 10: Ty Zimmerman, FS, Kansas State

Zimmerman is a big, physical safety which fits with what Gus Bradley likes. He has the ability to turn his hips and play man coverage well. He diagnoses plays fairly well and always seems to be around the ball, which is never a bad thing. Scouts mark him low for his closing speed but I believe it's due to the type of defense that Kansas State runs. He'd benefit more in a role as an in-the-box type safety. He definitely has all the intangibles, is a great guy in the locker room, smart player on the field with no off-field baggage, and a defensive playcaller. Reminds me of Yeremiah Bell somewhat, will need to improve on his closing speed though if he want's to be elite.

Round 5, Pick 18/19: J.C. Copeland, FB, LSU

Copeland is a nasty, physical blocking fullback who can also catch. He would add some nastiness and intensity to our offense and give our QB a reliable set of hands as well as be the wrecking ball to open up lanes for our backfield with his 6 foot frame and 270 pounds. Watch Copeland (44) in this drill and you'll see his power as a blocker.

Round 6, Pick 3: Gabe Ikard, Center, Oklahoma

Ikard is an undersized lineman prospect who will benefit from the offseason workouts that come with being an NFL prospect as well as training camp, to bulk up a bit. He has played well for Oklahoma all season long and held his own quite well against Notre Dame's behemoth Nose Tackle, Louis Nix III, who is projected to go in the first round of the draft. His pass protection has come a long way since he entered college and he consistently won his blocks and showed the intangibles of a well-rounded player. His academic achievements tell me he's a smart player who should have no problem learning the zone blocking schemes and he should be able to read defenses well at the line of scrimmage.

Round 7, Pick 7: Alex Neutz, WR, Buffalo

Neutz has the size of NFL receivers, but lacks the speed. Nonetheless, he racked up 947 yards on 58 receptions and 11 TD's this season. He holds the school's career TD record with 30 and was an All-MAC first choice selection. Last season, he had tallied 65 receptions for 1,015 yards and 11 touchdowns. If he can develop some breakaway speed, he could be that late-round gem.

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