Rhett's 2014 Mock Offseason

Free Agency:

Will Blackmon 3 Years 6 Million - Blackmon has been a good corner for the Jaguars in their current scheme, bringing him back at this price gives the Jaguars a very affordable and good nickel who can play on well on the outside too.

Sen'Derrick Marks 5 Years 18 Million - Marks has been phenomenal for the Jaguars this season. He's a force in the middle that is seen creating pressure or stuffing up the middle. This contract is similar to William Hayes' contract in price per year, but the Jaguars lock him up long term for not too much money.

Mike Brown 3 Years 6 Million - Jerry Sullivan has done a great job with Mike Brown, turning the UDFA Liberty QB into a starting wide receiver. Mike Brown is currently at 14.9 YPR which is great, in the future Mike Brown can be a rotational starter and inside receiver who comes in and makes big plays.

Ryan Davis 2 Years 1.5 Million - Davis is slowly but surely improving as his time in the NFL increases. He's getting more snaps, and more pressure as the season goes on. Last week he had 5 pressures and 2 sacks, and the week before he had a game-winning interception.

Cameron Bradfield 3 Years 6 Million - Bradfield has done a good job for the Jags at tackle since entering the NFL as an UDFA. With Joeckel returning to action next season, I think Bradfield will compete for and win the RT position.


1(6). Derek Carr QB Fresno State - With Bridgewater off the board, the Jaguars land the next best QB. Carr has prototypical size for a QB with a great arm and great release. He has good athleticism and solid accuracy. His biggest flaw has been his pocket presence(Gabbert 2.0), but he has greatly improved it this season. He's coming from a spread offense, and its not a sure thing if he can transition to a pro-style offense.

2(38). Xavier Su'a Filo OG UCLA - Will Rackley is terrible, Filo is a very powerful guard with a great anchor with good quickness, hand placement, and upper body strength. He has more then enough athleticism to play in the zone blocking scheeme.

3(70). James White RB Wisconsin - White is fast, with great vision, burst, and power for his size. He's very good at moving through traffic. He's a good cutback runner, making quick cuts to make defender miss and get into the open field, picking up large yardage. Whomever White splits carries with White can make a Jaguars dance with.

4(102).Bryan Stork C Florida State - Stork has experience playing center and guard, he's an excellent blocket with the athletiscm and quickness to play in the Jaguars' Zone blocking scheme.

4(112). Andre Williams RB Boston - Williams looks like Brandon Jacobs in 07-08. Williams is 6' 230 lbs,and he runs really hard. He runs through people, and shakes off tacklers left and right. Williams is a downhill runner with great vision who almost always gains positive yardage. Williams doesn't have much experience as a receiver out of the backfield, and his blocking needs work. With MJD out of the picture, Williams can step in and split carries with James White, bringing a dynamic two back punch to the Jaguars offense. Williams is a great complement to Williams as he's a power back, and White is more of a cut back.

5(134). James Gayle DE Virginia Tech - With Jason Babin set to make 6 million a season over the next 2 seasons, it's likely the Jaguars cut ties due to his lack of production, and Andre Branch stepping up in recent weeks proving himself worthy of his 2nd round pick. Gayle didn't produce much in college, and doesn't have a big repertoire of pass rushing moves. But he does have great speed and quickness and the size to make him an intriguing LEO candidate. If his pass rushing repertoire can be developed while he is JAX, he can become a 10+ sack monster.

5(144). L'Damian Washington WR Missouri - At 6'4" 200 lbs, the lanky Washington has incredible speed and burst. Unfortunately hes a project, but nothing Jerry Sullivan can't handle. He catches the ball with his body too often, he needs to be more aggressive fighting for the ball in the air, but most of all his route running needs a lot of work. If Sullivan can fix his route running, Washington can be an incredible receiver who could take Blackmon's spot if he doesn't return to the NFL.

5(147). Hakeem Smith SS Louisville - Smith is a stout run-defender and has improved his pass-coverage. He'd be a much better backup Safety than Prosinski, and can also contribute to special teams.

6(166). Jacob Pedersen TE Wisconsin - Pedersen is a sleeper prospect in my eyes. He's a great run and pass blocker, and solid receiver. He's a good H-Back type, who can play H-Back, FB, TE, and possibly even receiver in some formations.

7(198). Larry Webster DE Bloomsburg - A project player, Webster at 6'6" 240 lbs has only has two years of football the D2 level. Webster is very quick off the LOS with long arms to shed blockers and grab onto the ball carrier. Webster has incredible athletism, but needs to add about 20 pounds of strength. Webster is an intriguing LEO candidate project.

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