Why the draft will be all about defense.


Rebuilding again? Blow it all up and start over? With so many holes to fill and a pronounced "needs based" drafting general manager, it is clear that the draft will be all about the defense.

Why? Well, it seems simple to me. The new coach is a defensive guy. He will be implementing a new defensive scheme, probably much like the one used in Seattle. From everything I've read that particular defense has special type guys, almost tweeners, for so many positions, including linebacker and safety.

The Jaguars offense was downright horrible. Which would lead a lot of fans to want a fix at the quarterback position. MJD is hurt and on a final year of his contract, and Jennings didn't show enough like many had hoped, so fans want a nice mid round RB too.

Not this year. Not in my view. Even when our D was ranked 6th overall we still lacked consistent pressure. This past season we saw a Dline that was at least pretty good against the run despite being meh against the pass look downright horrible at times. And with guys like Sessions gone and Smith possibly out and the backups not being starter material and our safeties not exactly being the youngest or healthiest guys either and our cornerbacks being free agents, or junk. Just too many holes on that side of the ball.

So you think we should dabble in the free agent market? For what exactly? Another Sessions or Kampman? Possibly an Aaron Ross?

In my opinion, our offense is going to look a lot like last years, except minus Robinson, Blackmon and Shorts with another year under their belts and Henne, Gabbert, or possibly an Alex Smith type FA QB throwin the rock. MJD and Parmele will hold up the RB position for now and the Oline will likely be a lot of familiar names.

We've seen time and time again that great defenses can often mask poor offenses and possibly save a game or win a game or two. And we all know that you can't have a great offense until you have a great QB and there is just no way of the Jaguars having a GREAT QB this coming season.

At least for this season. After winning about 5 or 6 games we'll turn toward the other side of the ball next year.

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