Pre-Combine Mock Offseason

I was planning on waiting until after the combine to do another one of these, but as a recent college graduate without a job right now, I have way too much time and much too little to do. I figured I could spend some time on one of these.

PHASE #1: Roster Management

  • Release Chad Henne: Even if you (wrongfully) think Henne is better than Gabbert, I might suggest that it would make sense for you to be on board with this move. I think we can all agree that the future of this team is either Gabbert, or someone not on the roster. From what I understand of how cap hits and "dead money" work, releasing Henne would save this team $2.625 million this coming season, and so any added money available to look for a backup or stopgap (assuming you think Gabbert is THAT awful) in FA is an added benefit for this team.
  • PUP Laurent Robinson: Concussions are really not a joke and the Jaguars better not be stupid with how they handle Robinson if he decides he still wants to try and return to the league. According to Sportac, Laurent's 2013 salary is fully guaranteed and so at this point, I am not sure I see much advantage to releasing him instead of placing him on PUP. If he could come back, Laurent Robinson, while definitely overpaid, could still be an asset to this team. His future on this team beyond 2014 is a definitely another story altogether.

PHASE #2: Free Agency

  • Sign Josh Johnson: With some freed up money and an overwhelming need to make strides in figuring out the future at the QB position, bringing in Josh Johnson makes a ton of sense. He fits the mold Bradley seems to be looking for, namely a QB who can make plays with his arm and legs. Still on the young side (turns 27 in May), Johnson could make an interesting pickup to come in and challenge Gabbert.
  • Sign Alan Branch: It just makes sense. With his DC from Seattle now the new HC of the Jaguars, and his DL coach in the same position for the Jaguars, Branch would make sense for this team as the anchor of this defensive line. Only 28 years old, and rejuvenating his career under Bradley in Seattle, Branch could be the kind of "major" FA signing that actually makes sense for this team.
  • Possibly re-sign Daryl Smith: At this point in his career, coupled with the state of this team, bringing back Daryl Smith does not make sense for a lot of money and/or more than 1-2 years. If he will come back on a short term deal for a reasonable amount of money, it would be a good idea to bring him back. If not,
  • Possibly re-sign Derek Cox: As I think about what should be done with Cox, I really have a hard time justifying tagging him. Back in December, Ian Rapoport suggested the tag number for a CB will be $10.668 million, and I just don't see how you can justify paying Cox that money. I think you have to play hard ball with him and make him take a "prove I can stay healthy" deal if he wants to be back. If he leaves, it would be nice to see the Jaguars go hard after a big name CB like Sean Smith, but if it comes to paying close to $10 million, it probably does make sense to tag Cox and pay him that kind of money for just one year, which I am not too keen on doing. I would rather just move on and add another CB to the list of things this team needs.

PHASE #3: Draft

***TRADE: St. Louis trades #16 and #22 for #2 - The Rams are in a position to move up this year, given the fact that they have the picks from trading down last year. In need of a franchise LT as well as a really good DT, St. Louis moves up in the first to snag as elite a prospect as there is in the draft, be it Lotulelei at DT or Joeckel at LT. I am not entirely sure this trade is realistic, but I figured I could be a bit unrealistic for the sake of exploring new scenarios.







Barkevious Mingo



I think it is possible Mingo lasts this far. In the scheme of things, I feel Mingo is worthy of right around the 10th overall pick, and so dropping those few picks is not entirely crazy. He is an explosive player who should be the LEO of this team for years to come.


Xavier Rhodes


Florida St.

Currently my 2nd ranked CB in the class this year, I have a gut feeling Rhodes might be there at #22 as Desmond Trufant moves up boards with an impressive combine and pro-day. Rhodes seems to fit the mold of what Bradley likes in his CBs.


Khaseem Greene



Whenever I would watch Rutgers this season, Greene would be the most dominant defensive player for Rutgers. He never ceased to impress me and he should immediately come in and start at one of the OLB spots on this defense that needs upgrades at OLB.


E.J. Manuel


Florida St.

As much as I don't want to like this pick, I think it makes sense. As I mentioned/reinforces above, this team seems to be looking for a QB who can hurt opponents with his arm and legs. Outside of Geno, I would argue this is the second best option in the draft to be that QB. Manuel certainly has work to do, but I do think that he could become a very good QB if given time.


David Quessenberry


San Jose. St.

While some think he won't be able to play outside in the NFL, I think that as a RT in a ZBS, it is entirely possible Quessenberry could be both an immediate starter, as well as an effective player. Not bad for a 4th round selection.


Kyle Juszczyk



This is one guy who I do not seem myself cooling toward in the coming weeks. I really like this guy and think he makes a load of sense as a replacement for Greg Jones. I think he fits much better in the H-Back type role that is seemingly becoming more and more popular around the league.


Onterio McCalebb



Back in 2010, the Jaguars spent their 6th round selection on a 5'9 209-pound RB who was expected to help contribute in the return game. I am advocating spending a 6th rounder on a 5'10 164-pound RB who should be expected to help in the return game. Let's hope this guy with his 45 fewer pounds and perhaps somewhat better straight-line speed ends up a better player for this team.


Michael Clay



I can't say I watched him a lot over his career, but Michael Clay has been a player that stood out to me when I would watch the Ducks. For a 7th rounder, I think he makes a lot of sense given the lack of talent on this team at the OLB position.

PHASE #4: Undrafted Free Agency

As in previous versions, I will not put together an entire group of UDFAs because I would envision a ton





Mario Benavides



While there are guys on the roster who can play C, bringing in another one to further enhance the competition for the spot is a good thing. I think that Benavides, in particular, is a guy who could do well in a ZBS if he can bulk up just a bit from his listed 280 pounds.

Mark Harrison



Among the guys I envision going undrafted, Harrison is the least "project" of the bunch. With good size and speed, bringing in a WR like him could make a lot of sense.

Avis Commack


Akron(Dismissed from FSU last year)

Back in 2005, there was an undrafted CB who was ~6'4 and ran the 40 in ~4.6 seconds, just like Commack. That CB is Brandon Browner, one of the better CBs right now, who also happened to play for Bradley. Let's hope Bradley goes searching and finds his Brandon Browner this year.

Tanner Hawkinson



It is quite possible he ends up drafted, but if he manages to go undrafted, he would be among the first guys I would look to sign. While he was not on the same level of Bobby Massie, I do recall liking Hawkinson as early as last year, prior to him deciding to go back to school.

Mike James



This team needs RBs behind MJD, and with his OC and RB coach now in the FNL with the Jaguars, it would make sense to bring James in as a UDFA.

Rashard Hall



No one has been brought in to send Prosinski packing. Let's hope Hall can be that guy.

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