Cats connect for the win instead...a What If?

The Jaguars astounded with their surprise #6. They beat Jim Kelly at home in a game heavily levied against them, 30-27. In possibly the greatest ever victory in Jaguar history, they went on the road again and beat the Broncos in Mile High 30-27! Terrell Davis was kept under 100 yards, and the onside with 2 minutes left was recovered by the Jaguars.

Down by 10 in the 2nd half, Brunell threw a INT in the end-zone and on the next drive a NE safety returned Stewart's fumble for a TD and the 20-6 final. We are going to give them a TD on the 1st play and a last second FG on the other. The Jaguars win, 15-13.

Courtesy of the crazy offense that year, the Jaguars manage to hold against the Packers. Reggie White is held sackless, thanks to Brunell's mobility. Desmond Howard doesn't blaze against his former team, Rison is held catchless, blanked by the CBs of his former team. They don't win big, but manage it.

Picking 30th in the 1st round, they miss on their original pick Renaldo Wynn who goes to the Packers to help Reggie White. They instead pick Dexter McCleon and in the 2nd, they pick up a guy out of William and Mary named Darren Sharper. His two INTs make the difference. Instead of a DE in the 1st, they jump on a DE named Mike Vrabel in the 3rd.

Those two rookies help spearhead an 11-5 season, where instead of being obliterated, they manage to sneak another win at Mile High (lets call it 31-28). Grbac can't pull a victory in the divisionals against a resurgent Jaguars and Rison curses yet another team. The next week, the Jaguars mount an impressive victory against their divisional opponent Steelers thanks to Darren Sharper and Aaron Beasley's three INTS.

The 1st back-to-back SB franchise so early in their existence, they are good against the 49ers (who had beaten the Packers due to Young's TD against Renaldo Wynn on the corner). Young though holds against them, and the Jaguars fall.

With the Jaguars picking at number 29, the Bills package several picks and trade places with the Cardinals instead of trading for Rob Johnson. They select Ryan Leaf with the 2nd pick. The Cardinals jump to pick an FSU alum, Tra Thomas to supplant Lomas Brown. Now evident, surprising then, Taylor slips down because of so many not needing RBs that year. He is instead taken by the Seahawks at number 15, who then don't take Ahman Green in the 3rd. Donovan Darius is still taken, but by the Lions at 20. The Jaguars instead settle for Corey Chavous at 29 out of Vanderbilt. The Jaguars instead take Leonard Little at DE, to aid Vrabel and Brackens at 60. Still with Rob Johnson backing up Brunell, at 91 they take Hines Ward to become the 3rd WR. Most of the Draft is the same, but with Chris Howard in the 5th, Tavian Banks never comes along. Alvis Whitted fades away, along with his drops. London Fletcher replaces another nameless campbody, picked at 214. Bryce Paup fades away and McCardell isn't lost in 2001. 1998 stays the same, but instead in the divisionals outplay the Jets and move on to face the Broncos at Mile High for the third straight time. This time, without a stout rushing game, the Jaguars fall.

No longer in need of a cornerback, the Jaguars at 28 reach and pick Kevin Faulk. Bryant falls to 41 and the Rams. Again the draft is similar, but in the 7th the Jaguars go for Ayanbadejo.

Fast forward to January 2000, in the AFC Title Game after a Jaguar safety, Brendan Ayanbadejo tackles Kevin Dyson on the ensuing kick. Alvis Whitted, not there to drop it, instead that ball is caught. The game is much closer than originally, the Jaguars hold them off and advance to meet the Rams.

In that game, the third Super Bowl in four years comes down to the last second. Caught by the Jaguars number 87, a better route runner, he gets that edge and converts the TD. The Jaguars do lose in the 1st SB overtime, but are labeled a dynasty, notching a 1-2 SB record and manage four straight AFC title game appearances. Later that is supplanted by Andy Reid's Eagles 5-straight NFC. Thankfully, picking 30th, the Jaguars select LB Bulluck instead of R.Jay Soward.

That is how a different throw and a different bounce one snowy day at Foxboro creates a dynasty, Favre and Elway don't get their rings. Tomlinson doesn't become a Charger in 2001, they go with Vick. The three-headed Jag becomes the greatest WR trio of the 90s, and the Jaguars become the best of the AFC Central straight through to the AFC South. It takes until a pair of Colts recievers dethrone them courtesy of Peyton Manning in 2003. The 1996 Jaguars become immortalized as one of the greatest teams ever. Fred Taylor eventually comes home in 2001, when hes traded to the Jaguars for their 2nd and 5th, after he's supplanted by Shaun Alexander.

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