Jags Mock Draft '13

It's that wonderful time of the year again when teams that go 2-14 cough cough, can try and find some young studs in the draft to help and turn a horrific season around. Anyways this mock is a little but I figured what the hell, we'll see what people think.

1st round- Ezekiel Ansah DE, BYU

I don't love this pick at all because I feel like this pick has Derrick Harvey written all over it, except for the fact that we won't have to trade half our draft picks for him (thanks Shack). He has incredible upside, I among a lot of other people feel like hasn't even begun to scratch the beginning of his potential, I mean just look at Jason Pierre Paul. His size is simply amazing, 6'5 274 with 35" arms giving him that ability to knock passes down at the line scrimmage like another player in the AFC South (JJ Watt).

2nd round- Jarvis Jones DE/OLB/LEO Georgia

I know I know this sounds crazy but I think with his medical condition, some teams are down right afraid to draft this guy but somebody's gotta take a chance. I really don't think that Andre Branch is the answer at the LEO position and Jason Babin is definitely not the answer considering he has maybe a couple more seasons in the NFL. Jones after being told by USC medical staff was unfit to play football ever again, transferred to Georgia and started in 24 games out of the last two seasons, only missing two games, 2! Could be the steal of the draft!

3rd round- Da'Rick Rodgers WR Tennessee Tech

Yes he has his fair share of off field issues, probably more than his fair share but it doesn't mean he doesn't have pure talent on the field. As a sophomore when fellow WR Justin Hunter went down, Rodgers stepped up with 1,040 yards and 9 TDs, but his actions off the field spoke for him and he tweeted out in the spring that he wanted to transfer after sitting the day out for "personal" issues. He eventually was dismissed off the team and he decided to transfer to Tennessee Tech instead of transferring to a D-I school and sitting out a year. Since his play is simply amazing he dominated in D-IAA ball, 1,207 yards receiving and 11 TDs, not surprising since he was playing against lesser talent. I just think that Rodgers working with a head coach like Bradley who just radiates energy and Jerry Sullivan, who is an amazing WR coach.

4th round- Zaviar Gooden OLB Missouri

Jacksonville has needs everywhere, including the once famed LB corps, which is now has needs too. Daryl Smith the undeniable leader once of this great defense, came down with the injury bug last season, ending up on the designated for return IR slot. Simple truth is he's getting older and he is a free agent, and it's not sure how David Caldwell views him for this team going forward so it might be time to move on. He is an aggressive player who has a nose for the ball but wasn't asked to sack the QB a lot in college, and is stiff in the hips and isn't the best in pass coverage. He can make tackles and isn't afraid to take opposing players on.

5th round- Manase Foketi OL West Texas A&M

6th round- Cornellius Carradine DE FSU

7th round- ????

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