Jaguars Offensive Needs Cheatsheet - 2013

Alfie recently wrote an article looking at game-by-game offensive line performance over the course of the 2012 season.

I wanted to take this a bit further by looking at performance across ALL offensive positions and show them relative to the performance of rest of the NFL at that position.

The chart below looks at each position on offense using the ProFootballFocus overall performance rating statistics for each position.

You can easily see each player's performance relative to the best, and worst level of play in the NFL.

In addition, I have added a median level of play marker which represents the middle performance rating of the top 75% of players that took the most snaps.

In other words, the median represents middling performance of starters and regular backups at that position. It will not include the performance of players that only played one game at that position, got injured early and stayed out the entire season, or served as a temporary backup.

In the chart below, I have include the performance of every player for whom PFF had statistics in the 2012 season. So, you will see guys that played for very few snaps. I didn't filter these because I wanted to see the most complete, at-a-glance picture.

It's a bit of an eyechart, so definitely embiggen!.....


It's pretty clear that Eugene Monroe and Marcedes Lewis are rock solid at Left Tackle and Tight End, respectively. In terms of the core that the Jags are building around, I think this is what you look for.

The way I am looking at this is if the player's performance is median or better you are talking about top-half of the NFL, so these are your keepers. It is all the action below the red marks where there needs to be scrutiny.

Let's look at some of the other positions....

At Quarterback, no question we are going nowhere without a better performance from SOMEBODY. This is probably the biggest question David Caldwell is going to face going into next season. What to do?...What to do?

We also have a serious problem at Center and Right Tackle. These two positions demand action during FA and/or the draft.

At Left and Right Guard, Austin Pasztor has done pretty well and despite injuries, Uche Nwaneri has done well too. Clearly we could upgrade here, but will it be addressed when we have more pressing needs? I doubt it unless we get a steal in some later draft round or a great deal in FA.

At Running Back, Montel Owens and a healthy MJD could leave us with solid play at this postition next year. So, although I have seen several articles talking about FA/draft at this position, I'm not sure that's really a major need that we should address this year.

At Fullback, it looks like we're doing fine with Greg Jones if we bring him back next year.

Wide Receiver is an area that I perceived to be just okay before making this chart. But it is an area where we are really falling down despite last year's pick in Justin Blackmon. I also perceived Cecil Shorts' performance as being better than it actually was looking at the statistics.

We are going to need to see some real improvement at WR. It will be interesting to see if David Caldwell does anything in this area or whether he is going to count on a better performance from both Justin Blackmon and Cecil Shorts next year.

I'm working on a Defensive version of this chart, but in the interim...what are your thoughts?

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