A realistic mock

Some of you will love it, some will hate it. But, hey, isn't that just how these things go? I decided to get all crazy and throw in draft day trades, so I hope you enjoy the madness.

Rd. 1(pick7)- Xavier Rhodes CB Florida State- Sometimes a pick just makes too much sense to ignore. Rhodes is a physical press happy cornerback with great length and fantastic measurables. Bradley has to see this guy and become a little giddy. Rhodes combine performance answered any questions teams had about his athleticism. There was never any doubt about his skills as a football player, just concerns over him being able to handle the receivers with elite speed and quickness. From the looks of his combine and tape, he should be just fine.Some may consider this a reach for the #7 pick.For me, he is such a perfect scheme fit for what Bradley wants to do. I don't think it is a reach at all.Realistically we could trade anywhere in the 6-9 range.I picked the Cardinals because their QB situation is the most dire. Listen all you want to draft experts. Historical precedent says that someone will make a trade to get Geno or Barkley. We might not get much. I'm gonna get crazy and guess we get Arizona's 1st and 2nd and in return we give a 1st and 4th.(either ours or the 4th rounder we obtained from the Lions in the Thomas trade.)

Rd. 2(pick 33) Dallas Thomas OG/T Tennessee- I love this pick because of its versatility. We could have Thomas play guard or right tackle. He also possesses above average athleticism for the position which bodes incredibly well for fitting into the new zone blocking scheme. This is a perfect case of need meeting value.D.J Fluker was an option here but I felt he didn't have the quickness or athleticism to fit with the zone blocking scheme.

Rd. 2(pick 38 from ARI) Margus Hunt DE SMU- It took me awhile to choose between Hunt and Kawaan Short out of Purdue. I ultimately chose Hunt because this gamble could provide the Jaguars with one of the best DE's in the league, over time. His measurables are off the charts. Also, he continued to improve from year to year at SMU which shows you he is learning effectively. While we wait for him to develop he can still contribute on special teams. This guy blocked 17...yeah you read that right.....17 punts/kicks. His length isn't going anywhere so neither should his ability to block kicks. There is just too much here to pass up. I wouldn't mind switching it to Hunt at 33 and Thomas to 38. I did it this way because I felt Thomas was the safer pick, so he went first.

Rd. 3 (pick 66)- Sylvester Williams DT NC- Caldwell said he will be drafting for need, so here you go. Good value and fit.

Rd.4- Zack Dysert QB MIA-OH- Best QB left on the board. The connection to Scott is overblown just like the whole Greg Roman thing.

Rd.5- Shamarko Thomas S SYR- Do you really want Prosinski to see the field anymore? We also happen to have an over priced safety hitting free agency next year.

Rd.6-Knile Davis RB ARK- We need explosiveness, especially on special teams. This is our guy. From what I've been able to find, he is projected anywhere from rd.5 to UDFA. I think he works well here.

Rd.7-Rex Burkhead RB NEB- I think he will prove to be a valuable backup to MJD

To get this list I referenced CBSsports, Bleacher Report and to try and obtain realistic ideas about projected draft rounds. Hope you like it!

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