Jinjo's Offseason Forecast

I came up with this a while ago when i was bored during a class, finally getting around to posting it now.

Free Agency:

RT - Eric Winston (29) : Hes kind of on the older side but he can contribute for the next 4 years, I made this decision mostly based on thinking he would be cheaper than Gosder Cherilus, plus he has experience in the ZBS we're going to use from when he played in Houston. I think whichever RT we sign will be the most we spend for a single player this year in FA.

CB - Kendrick Lewis (26): A young corner who can fit in with Bradleys scheme seems like a good fit here. If his price tag is too high I wouldnt mind settling for Greg Toyer either.

DT - Jason Jones / Alan Branch: Either one of these guys would do, the connection is easy here as they played for Gus last year in SEA

Im sure we will sign maybe a couple other FAs but these will be the biggest impact guys.


Round 1: Geno Smith (QB) : Were starting a complete rebuild and what better way to kick it off than with a potential franchise QB. Most of his deficiencies are correctable and he also has the running element that Gus and Caldwell said they would like to have in a QB.

Round 2: Carradine / Arthur Brown (LEO/LB): I might be being a little unrealistic expecting Carradine to fall, but if he cant fully workout as he planed to before the draft there is a possibility of him being there. He would provide a big boost to our pass rush even if we have to wait a year for him to fully recover. Arthur Brown could step in at the WILL linebacker and provide speed and aggressiveness to a pathetic LB core.

Round 3: D.J. Swearinger (SS): Hes a perfect fit for the Bandit role that Kam Chancellor played in SEA. This guy will lay the wood and also has speed and coverage ability to match up with TEs.

Round 4: Brian Schwenke (C): An undersized center who will excel in a ZBS. This pick may change if we bring back Meester for one more year but i hope we choose to go young.

Round 5: Sanders Commings (CB): A popular pick around here who can play press in Gus' defense.

Round 6: Ray Graham (RB): A scat back who is quicker than he is fast. Excels getting the ball in open space and will be great catching the ball out of the backfield.

Round 7: Ace Sanders (KR/PR): I dont really know much about guys who are going this late so why not pick up a sure fire return man who could also add speed to the offense.

It looks like we finally have the right guys in the Front Office and at HC, cant wait to see what we do in the coming months.

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