Lesser known DB prospects who are probably on the Jags radar

Here is an extensive list of prospects who the jaguars are possibly targeting. Bradley runs a Cover 3 or press man coverage almost ALL the time. Knowing this, there are certain prospects that can be found later, that may be able to fit into what Bradley hopes to do. I am basing these conclusions on the idea that what we saw from him in Seattle will be very similar to what we can expect in Jacksonville.Here you go!


(FS)Shamarko Thomas and Earl Wolff-While they don't grade out as high, both of these players could potentially fill the same role Earl Thomas did in Seattle. Both of them are a little undersized but posses elite speed. In Bradley's press man scheme it is the job of the corner to NEVER get beat over the top and to the outside. If they do give up anything, they are suppose to be sure to funnel the receivers back to the middle of the field where they will drift into the deep safety's zone responsibility. The deep safety is responsible for a very large area over the deep part of the field. To effectively cover this area, elite speed is an absolute requirement. They both run in the high 4.3 to low 4.4 range and have elite vertical jumps to contest jump balls(Thomas-40.5 Wolff-39). They are also physical tacklers who could be effective when occasionally used in blitzing packages.Cover 3 also requires a safety, usually the FS, to cover the deep middle as well. Wolff's biggest issue is his tendency to get pushed around while up close to the line. This problem will be avoided,more often than not, by putting him in the deep 3rd. Thomas biggest issue is a concern over TE's and large WR's in the seam, as he is only 5'9". These prospects aren't perfect but, in this particular system, could flourish.

(SS)TJ McDonald and Cooper Taylor- Both of these prospects are projected as good run defenders and "enforcers" who will probably struggle in deep coverage. They also lack elite speed to keep up down the field with quick twitch receivers. However, in Bradley's scheme the SS is not often asked to do this. These players would be tasked with filling a role similar to what Kam Chancellor had in Seattle. These large,big bodied safeties (McDonald 6'2" 220 Taylor 6'4" 230) have the potential to excel in the box against the run. They also have the length, size and athleticism to cover NFL tight ends.In cover 3 the SS has the weak side curl/flat responsibility. This helps keep these big bodied enforcers around the line of scrimmage.


Robert Alford- People have become enamored with the height of the Seattle cornerbacks. While this is a trait Bradley most certainly looks at, length is possibly more important.Darrelle Revis is only 5'11" and he can manhandle larger receivers in press coverage.Why? He possesses good length and has 32 3/8 arms, as well as unbelievably strong hands. Alford has 32" arms. Slightly smaller but it shouldn't be enough to be a concern. Alford is an elite athlete. At the combine he registered a 4.39 40, 40 in. vertical, 17 bench reps and a 132 in broad jump. His bench numbers should indicate that he can deliver a strong punch in press coverage. While a lot of you might not know his name, I would be surprised if he made it out of the 2nd round. The only thing keeping him from being a 1st round pick, in my eyes, is the fact he plays for a small school. It is always harder to evaluate how a player will transition to the NFL when he has been playing less than ideal competition. I love this guy as our 2nd rounder, especially if we trade our 33rd pick and move a few slots back.

Darius Slay-Great speed(4.36 40), good height (6'0") and length(32 1/4" arms).He isn't the best at change of direction. This is a much bigger issue when playing off than in press.He should be able to do well covering the deep 3rd in a cover 3 scheme. Needs to brush up on consistency and technique. These are things coaching could possibly fix. Probably ends up as a 3rd round draft pick.

Tharold Simon- Physically fits the Bradley mold. 6'2" with 32 3/4inch arms.Ran a 4.51 40. Not spectacular speed but Sherman ran a mid 4.5. He possesses poor pressing technique, though. Simon could also benefit from getting stronger in the upper body. He registered a lowly 9 bench reps. As a late round pick he could show promise. NFL coaching and strength training could serve him well. Simon is good at locating the ball once in the air. More of a project player who could develop into something special.

Demetrius McCray-Another player who fits the Bradley mold. At 6'1" and 33 7/8"(Whoa!) arms.Runs a 4.54 40.His huge issue, is strength. He only managed 4, yeah 4, bench reps at the combine.He would be brought in as an UDFA.

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