NFL free agency 2013 projections: Rotoworld gives Jaguars some interesting guys


Rotoworld gives the Jaguars some free agents who fit, some who don't.

NFL free agency begins on Tuesday at 4 p.m. ET and the rumors are flying hot and heavy about which teams are interested in which players. The Jacksonville Jaguars of course haven't really been linked to any players as they plan to sit out the first few furious days when big contracts are handed out, but Evan Silva of has projected where the Top 100 free agents will sign.

Here are his projected signings for the Jaguars, which are a bit interesting:

The signings of Cherlius and Walker make a ton of sense and are two players we've talked about as likely targets for the Jaguars in free agency, but some of the others don't make a ton of sense.

The biggest signing that doesn't make sense is Michael Turner, who just turned 31 years old and was released from the Falcons. Turner has a ton of tread on his tires and bringing him to a team starting a rebuilding effort to back up Maurice Jones-Drew doesn't make a lot of sense. There is the connection to Dave Caldwell, but other than that it screams the exact opposite of what the team has preached.

Michael Bennett would be a fantastic signing if the Jaguars were sticking with a straight up 4-3 defense, but they're not. Not to mention the Jaguars get the pick of defensive ends in the draft with the second overall pick, Bennett likely goes to a contending team looking for a pass rusher rather than a rebuilding one that is moving to a hybrid multiple front defense. He'd also command way more money than I think the team is willing to spend on a single player in free agency.

Cary Williams I think falls in the same boat as Bennett, in that he's going to be asking for some coin. He is a taller, longer corner that Gus Bradley seems to like, so that fits the mold. The Jaguars will likely be signing at least one veteran starter at cornerback, so the idea makes sense.

D.J. Moore has a connection to Bob Babich from the Chicago Bears, but he's a smaller slot corner that I don't think really fits what the Jaguars are doing going forward, especially with Mike Harris on the roster who was very good in that role as rookie.

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