Here's why we are not doing anything.

Mike Wallace = 5 years, $60M, $30M gaurunteed, behind just Calvin Johnson & Larry Fitgerald. A ONE time pro bowler, whose production fell off a cliff last season, just got paid like a franchise megastar WR. Mike Wallace is not markedly better than Cecil Shorts. Paul Kruger got $40M over 5 years. The Browns will be lucky if he's still worth his salary in year three of that contract.

I imagine when it's all said and done we will end up signing 5-8 value free agents in the 2nd or 3rd wave of signings. First week free agents always get overpaid. I don't want to watch us continue to overpay for average talent like we did with Poz, Landry, Sessions, & Robinson. Can we not agree to allow that era in Jaguars history to die, please...

Here is how I think about free agency. Imagine all free agents are assigned a score or player rating. Virtually all players that are 90 and above get re-signed by their teams (Flacco, Bowe, etc) or have the franchise tag applied to them and rarely get to see free agency.

Players that do make it to free agency are going to be rated below 90 or have major red flags (age, injury, salary demands), yet they still want to be paid like 90+ rated players because of supply and demand. Mike Wallace for $12M per? F--- that...

If the are 5 Free Agent LB's available rated between 80-89, why pay the guy rated 88 overall $40M over 5 years with $17M guaranteed when you could sign the 83 rated 5th best LB $12M over 3 years with $4M guaranteed? Allocating resources appropriately is paramount in today's salary cap age.

Now factor in the hybrid defense we are implementing and our zone blocking scheme and now there are tweener guys that will fit better here than they will in a lot of other stops. Guys like Jason Jones and Alan Branch could be solid starters for a price we won't regret. News flash: They aren't the only ones.

Mincey, Poz, Lewis, Robinson, and Uche are the last of the old regime's questionable contracts. Rest assured at least 3 of those 5 will be gone by next season. Caldwell is cleansing the temple and that is a very good thing.

We are in position to draft the BEST player in this draft AND what amounts to a second low 1st round pick AND a low 2nd round pick. I could not care less about free agency this summer. My only concern is us drafting our first pro bowl players in years because that, and ONLY that, is our path back to relevance.

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