Jaguars Wishful Thinking Mock Draft

This is my first post on BCC, and it's probably not a very likely thing to happen at all but this is what I would consider my ideal scenario for the draft.

I believe that because the Chiefs franchised Albert they aren't looking to draft Joeckel with the number 1 pick. I'm sure that anyone that wants to trade up for Geno will trade with the Chiefs and not the jaguars. That would still leave Joeckel as trade-bait for us though.

Jacksonville Jaguars trade #2 (1) to the St. Louis Rams for #16 (1) and #22 (1).

This trade would be dependent upon the Rams signing Jake Long, but because that hasn't happened yet I'm going to act as if they won't. The Rams are in the market for a tackle to give Sam Bradford time in the pocket and could see Joeckel as the one to get.

#16 (1) Jacksonville Jaguars select....

There are many options for the Jaguars here at 16. There have been mocks where Barkevious Mingo, Star Lotulelei, and Jarvis Jones have fallen in this range. Also at 16 Desmond Trufant comes in to play. I'm going to assume that Star and Mingo are gone, so the pick is Desmond Trufant, CB.

Jacksonville Jaguars trade #22 (1) and #95 (4) to the San Francisco 49ers for #31 (1) and #34 (2)

Again, like the last trade this is highly unlikely but a man can dream, cant he? Maybe the 49ers fall in love with a prospect and with the picks to spare they decide to trade up to get their man.

#31 (1) Jacksonville Jaguars select...

At the end of the first round Jesse Williams, Jonathan Banks, Tank Carradine and maybe even Matt Elam are possible here. Because I went with Trufant earlier, I think the Jaguars would try to shore up the D-Line with Jesse Williams DT due to potential ability to play multiple D-Line positions and ability in the run game. Tank is appealing here for the LEO role but coming off of knee surgery and having two of the next three picks after this I believe we can wait on him.

Jacksonville Jaguars trade #33 (2) to the New York Jets for #39 (2) and 2014 1st or 2nd round pick

Not really sure what we would get out of this because we aren't trading too far down the board. A first rounder next year would be ideal but I feel like a second this year and next would be fair. The Jets need a new QB and would be looking to get their man at the top of the second round.

#34 Jacksonville Jaguars select Tank Carradine DE

The Jaguars could go Offensive Line here if none are signed in Free Agency. That being said I think Tank would be a good high risk/reward type player here in the draft. After excelling at getting to the passer at FSU, the knee injury is the only thing that caused him to fall this far. In the rotational LEO role Tank would be able to display his pass rushing ability and without taking as many snaps to not put immediate strain on his knee.

After going through the picks through this point, I could see many combinations for our picks depending on who we draft at 16. If Mingo somehow falls I could see a Mingo-Williams-Banks/Elam as well.

#39 (2) Jacksonville Jaguars select Matt Elam S

Not sure if he will be taken earlier, but after the release of Landry safety has become a need. Ideally an offensive tackle would drop from the first because this seems like a dead zone for good value for one. I could also see Barrett Jones taken here for our interior O-Line, but because I think Rackley will be pretty good if given a chance at LG and we will be fine for another year,

#64 (3) Jacksonville Jaguars select Matt Scott QB

Finally we go offence! I'm not sure how real the connection with Matt Scott to the Jaguars is, but if its true then I can see then taking him here. If the organization believes he can be a solid quarterback then even if this is a little earlier then projected you have to take him to secure him. Not having a 4th round pick also helps push him to the 3rd round because he might have been available there. Maybe there would be a trade down first but I'm just going to be drafting with the Jaguars pick without trades for the rest of the draft.

Side note, I'd much rather have the Jaguars draft a QB a round earlier from trading away a forth than a punter. Anger will be good but I feel like that pick will never be lived down until the Jaguars are relevant again.

#128 (5) Jacksonville Jaguars select Terron Armstead OT

Not too sure of the tackle prospects this late, I'm just trying to use the Draft Tek Big board to get a little reference point. Xavier Nixon from Florida is another tackle that's rated around this pick. A tackle will be needed is we don't sign a good one in free agency so a 5th round pick would be an alright spot to take one if we don't earlier.

#159 (6) Jacksonville Jaguars select Sheldon Price CB

Another cornerback could fit in here, especially since Price is one of the taller corners in the game. The only reason I know of Price is due to Adam's write up here where he projects him as a later round prospect. Could be a god fit in the new system.

#182 (7) Jacksonville Jaguars select Keith Pough LB

Again, this one is just going off the big board in an attempt to find some linebacker depth. Looks like he is pretty good at blitzing the passer so that adds another element.

Hope this turns out pretty good, again its my first post and I know the trades aren't likely but if I could have this draft any way I wanted it would be this. We get potentially 3-4 players that might have been ranked in the first round at some point, a high pick in next years draft, and what looks to be some pretty solid depth.

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