3/14 Mock. Updated for FA

My how things have changed. To steal from Johnny O, let's get to it!

Pick 8- Trade (2) to Buffalo for (8) and (41). - Xavier Rhodes CB FSU.

This pick stays the same from my previous mock draft. I know, some of you think this is too high for Rhodes. I still maintain that because of his fit into Bradley's scheme, this would be a great pick. From watching tape on both Milliner and Rhodes, it is my opinion, that Rhodes is the better press man corner. Rhodes measurements are exactly what Bradley looks for. 33 3/4" arms, you know Bradley has gotta love this guy. I think CB is currently our most pressing need. I believe Babin and Branch will perform very well in the new defensive scheme and surprise people. The knock on Rhodes is his zone coverage abilities in short and intermediate areas.Luckily when Bradley does run zone, he runs cover 3 almost all the time. This leaves Rhodes in the deep third. I just see the perfect example of need and scheme fit meshing together. If Jarvis Jones is around at this pick, I think he could very well be the choice. However, with more and more reports coming out about his health no longer being an issue, I don't see him getting past Detriot at #5 and Cleveland at #6. Some might think we won't get this much for the 2nd pick. Luckily for us, Buddy Nix is an idiot. After dumping Fitzpatrick and having no viable starter behind him, the Bills are in a bit of a pickle. Matt Barkley doesn't have the arm strength to handle the weather in Buffalo. They are desperate, so I think they give us their 1st and 2nd to grab Geno Smith. His pro day showing should help solidify this.

Pick 33- Alex Okafor DE UT

Okafor seems to be sliding a little bit in mocks. You don't often see him projected as a first rounder anymore. Okafor isn't the coveted speed rusher like the other DE's you hear about in this draft. He is a strong side end who has great technique with his hands. He will be good against the run and serve well as a complementary pass rusher. He did post 12.5 sacks this last year despite Jackson Jeffcoat being injured early in the season. He managed to produce while being the focus of every team he played against. If we are able to get him here, this could be one of the biggest steal's of the draft. I will take time to explain why Margus Hunt won't be our pick here, even if available. There is not doubt Hunt has unbelievable upside. It is also reasonable to expect that it will take Hunt 2 years to really develop. That being said, let's look at his age. Hunt was born on July 14, 1987. This means he will be 26 before the season starts. It also means he will be 28 when he starts hitting his potential. Assuming it takes two years for him to develop. Hunt would be 30 by the time his rookie contract expires. I don't think this fits into the youth movement that Bradley and Caldwell are trying to employ.

Pick 41- Arthur Brown LB KSU

With it looking like Daryl Smith won't be back, this pick makes a lot of sense. This kid has a lot of speed for the LB position. He reminds a lot of people of LaVonte David from last year's draft. If he performs like David, then we sure have a keeper on our hands. Brown is a "jack of all trades" backer. He will be good against the run and in coverage. I would actually expect him to replace Poz as the dime package LB in passing situations. If Brown is gone, I think this pick gets traded. I only have expert mock drafts to use as points of reference on where players will be selected. Based off that, it is very likely Brown makes it to the second round. Look for the highest rated DT here if Brown is gone and they keep the pick. Kawaan Short, Jonathan Hankins, Jesse Williams, John Jenkins are all options here.

Pick 64- Terron Armstead OT ArkPB

No, this isn't just a fad pick. His combine performance does mean a lot to certain teams. Teams who use a lot of zone blocking, like the Jaguars, will be very interested in this athletic tackle. His speed will make him very effective in reaching the 2nd level and being able to execute pull blocks with unmatched quickness. The hardest thing about projecting Armstead is figuring out where he will go. I've seen anywhere from the 2nd to the 5th round. I'm projecting him somewhere in between.

Round 4 pick 1- Highest rated QB remaining

I'm copping out on this one. Most people will assume Matt Scott but I'm not entirely sure he'll be the highest rated QB at this point. I don't think the Jaguars wait longer than this to get a QB. I think they want a real competition.Grabbing any of the QB remaining further back than this probably won't result in someone who will push Gabbert or Henne.

Round 5 pick 2-Sanders Cummings CB Georgia

Big and physical, operates best in press man. Sounds like a Bradley guy to me. We sure do need bodies in the secondary also. Potential steal here.

Round 6 pick 1- Knile Davis RB ARK

Has the speed and explosiveness this team needs. Should be a good addition as a shotgun/scat RB. I'm also projecting him here as a PR/KR. I think he could be a solid addition and fill some needs.

Round 7 pick 2- Cooper Taylor S Richmond

Fits the bill as someone who could come in and play the role Kam Chancellor did in Seattle. Physical 6'4" safety with good speed for his size. Could be an enforcer in the box. Has the tools to cover NFL TE's.

Now it's your turn to shred this mock to pieces or tell me you love it! Lets see what you got!

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