A rant on QB's, Media Hype, and Success

Gotta love the draft. Seeing your team rebuild and bring in new talent to hopefully rebuild the franchise.

The thing is we can draft a whole bunch of young talent and rebuild this team, but we are still going to have to get a QB at some point to be successful. The idea that a better QB will be available next year is no the way to approach it. We do not know our draft position next year and do not know what guys will leave college or decide to stay.

Geno Smith , Tyler Wilson, and Matt Barkley all got hype by the incessant yammering of the so called experts and now the same experts talk them down. Its a bunch of media bullcrap. They just want a face and name to sell in the draft and they don’t have it.

The fact of the matter is the team needs to evaluate the player and draft him if they think he can be your franchise QB. Hopefully this staff does a better job than the last two GM’s regimes because they obviously were incapable of evaluating and drafting talent.

These are all stating QB’s in the league (with success) and none of them were considered top talent in the draft. None of them were considered locks at their position. None of them were considered consensus top 5 picks.


Drew Brees - SUPER BOWL, The SAINTS.... he freakin won a SUPER BOWL in New Orleans.

Russel Wilson - BRYAN ANGER, PUNTER, THEY DID WHAT, Now Russell is like SAY MY NAME Ya Bish.

Colin Kapernick - SUPER BOWL, ALEX SMITH went NO 1 and I took his job Ya Bish.

Matt Schaub - DAMN CLOSE, somebody get this guy in a Gillette commercial. He could sell his Damn Close Shave.

Andy Dalton - WINNING IN CINCY, CARSON PALMER who, Overated media hyped USC QB NO 1 draft pic Ya Bish

Tony Romo - JESSICA SIMPSON before she started to look like Steve Stiflers mom.

Bree's was the closest of the bunch to be considered 1st round. Instead, Atlanta took Vick (PRISON... Yeah I went there) NO1 in the draft (how did all that media hype workout) and Bree's fell to the second because he was too short and did not have a strong enough arm blah, blah, blah (SUPER BOWL Ya BISH). Who cares what these pundits say. How is this a week draft? What makes it week in their minds is no Andrew Luck and RGIII to SELL the draft. They ignore the fact that its loaded with talent in every other position and still has good QB prospects that they were hyping up just a year ago.

There are just as many examples of lower ranked (Draft Status) QB’s having success as there are high ranked. QB is the most important position period and our staff should be evaluating every QB possible to see if their worth drafting.

If Caldwell and Gus like Geno we take Geno. If they wait and go for a guy later in the draft then cool. If they wait until next year and see what Gabbert and Henne do then cool. No matter what QB will always be most important position until you have one and this Franchise's future is dependent on us finding that Guy.

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