Jags Perfect Offseason 2.0

Free Agents Not Yet Signed

Donald Thomas (1 year 1.2 million dollars)- A stop gap left tackle could come in and help develop Brewster and Rackley. He’s familiar with the zone blocking scheme and would help ascend the offensive line faster

Brad Jones (2 year 3.5 million dollar contract)- A good inside linebacker he is about the same as Paul Posluszny but he’s cheaper. Many fans like Poz, but he simply isn't the grade of linebacker to be making 42 million dollars; that's more than Navarro Bowman one of the best linebackers in the league. With this signing we get the same talent at linebacker 41 million dollars cheaper.


Paul Posluszny

Jeremy Mincey


With the release of Ryan Fitzpatrick the Buffalo Bills make there intent for a Quarterback known to everyone. They trade there 1st, 2nd, 4th and a 2 rounder for the 2014 draft to the Jags for the 2nd overall pick in the draft; they Draft Quarterback West Virginia Geno Smith. Then Jacksonville trades the 8th overall pick and the 5th round pick to San Diego for their 11th overall pick a 3rd and a 2014 2nd rounder. The Chargers did sign King Dunlap in free agency, but they want even more talent on their hole filled offensive line. They move up to Pick 8 to draft offensive tackle from Oklahoma Lane Johnson.

Round 1 pick #11- Corner back Florida State Xavier Rhodes- Jacksonville has almost no corners of starting caliber on the team and corner backs are an important part of Gus Bradley's defense. Rhodes is a huge corner back at 6'1 215 pounds who has amazing athletic ability . He can press, and has good speed he ran a 4.43 at the combine. He has good ball skills and can go up with the largest of receivers with a 40.5 inch vertical. He’s not the best tackler, but he is a physical corner who will maul receivers of the line of scrimmage, and attempt to tackle running backs. This is a needs pick that fits the defensive scheme well, and the Jags could secure a shutdown corner for years with this pick.

Round 2 Pick #1- Offensive Arkansas Pine- Bluff Terron Armstead- An athletic offensive lineman; who may even go in the first due to the numbers he put up at the combine. He would solidify the right side of the offensive line. He is a extremely good pass blocker, but lacks tenacity, and strength in the run game, but with the league turn to pass heavy offense that doesn't hurt his stock much. He has the athleticism to be a superstar in our zone offense, and would help us get better protection for Gabbert to see if he's the real deal.

Round 2 Pick #8- Corner back Conneticut Blidi Wreh-Wilson- Another Corner back who is long and athletic corner 6'2 195. He's not as fast as Rhodes but he uses his length, and wingspan as, well as good foot work to stay on receivers. He would be a great number 2 corner back on the opposite side of Rhodes and while I don't think he has the same ceiling as Rhodes I think he could be an above average corner for the team. If you want to see him in action check out his game vs. Louisville and Jag fans golden boy Teddy Bridgewater. Wreh-Wilson will be an above average corner back forming a great corner Duo with Rhodes for the Jags.

Round 3 Pick #2- Linebacker/DE Southern Mississippi Jamie Collins- A quick linebacker who played some defensive end in college he’s got good size and most of his deficiencies come from stopping the run, and covering receivers; which he wouldn't have to do in this scheme. He has a great first step, but he is a little on the weaker side but with the proper strength and conditioning I think that could be fixed. With this pick we get a rotational pass rusher who could eventually further in his career take over as the starter on the team.

Round 3 pick #11- Safety USC TJ McDonald- With the release of Dawan Landry this is another much needed backfield addition. McDonald is a huge defensive back at 6'2 220 who is a big hitter with some coverage skills. I personally believe he's just as good as the other first and second round safeties, but fell due to a poor last season at USC. He has decent speed running a 4.59 at the combine and could be used as a in the box safety who covers tight ends and plays the run. With this pick Jacksonville backfield has gotten a lot bigger, younger, and faster which is exactly what Gus Bradley and CO. want.

Round 4 Pick #1 Athlete Michigan Denard Robinson- What the Jags haven't had on their offense, maybe ever, is a guy who is just ridiculously athletic; a guy who can play every position of the offensive line on offense, as well as be a special teams star. Denard is a big play football player who can make plays from anywhere on the field. He reminds me of a less experienced Randall Cobb from the Packers in the sense that he can do it all. With Laurent Robinson gone Denard can come in and fill the slot position/deep threat as well as return responsibilities, and wildcat formations. Robinson gives the team diversity which we all know Jacksonville hasn't had in a long time.

Round 4 pick #8 C USC Khaled Holmes- A center with experience in the zone blocking scheme; could come in and be an immediate starter at center or could learn a year behind Brad Meester and start next year. He’s a good pass blocker and run blocker, but he is sometimes susceptible to interior blitzes which is just a recognition flaw that he could be coached up on. The interior of the jags offensive line was terrible last year and was a big part of why the teams passing and running situation were worst in the league. With younger more athletic offensive lineman in the scheme I think the team could turn their offensive line around in 2013.

Round 6 pick #1 Wide Receiver Western Kentucky Tyrone Gourd- A unnaturally tall receiver at 6'7 he has tremendous potential; he had a 36 inch vertical at the combine, and ran a 4.5 forty. He has some technique issues but just his size, and athleticism alone will take him places. While he’s learning the route tree he can be used as a redzone threat. (Honestly who can get as high as this guy in the end zone), and eventually maybe became a focal point in the passing attack. The drop off from CSIII and Justin Blackmon at receiver last year was drastic; with Gourd and Denard Robinson on our team our receiving core has become more dynamic and talented.

Round 7 pick #2 Tight End Arkansas Chris Gragg- This guy reminds me of Vernon Davis early in his career. Gragg is a super athletic tight end like Davis but doesn't have a willingness to block; neither did Davis before he got the right coaching. There the same size and are receiver like tight ends. I think with some refinement and coaching; which he will get with this staff he could be the steal off the draft, and give the Jaguars another dimension to their passing attack.

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