THE Jaguar Way (My first Mock Draft)

Here is the most optimistic draft to date if my fore sight is indeed the future. Team needs in order CB, SS, OT, DE, LB, RB, QB. Remember one thing this class is very deep in is CB- more so than any other class.


The Jaguars trade 2 overall pick to Buffalo. Buffalo selects Geno Smith. Jaguars receive Buffalo's 8th overall, 2nd round 41 overall, 4th round 105 overall, along with a contingent pick in 2014. Out of all teams in the top ten needing QB's Buffalo is in a Dire need more so than anyone else.

Jaguars Select: Jarvis Jones OLB Georgia Contingent upon bring medically cleared. If not medically cleared of Spinal Stenosis then the Jaguars will select Barkevious Mingo OLB LSU.

Round 2

Pick 33 overall is a very unique pick contingent on who slips out of the first round. Now reviewing most consesus value boards and mock drafts there will be a few players to watch. players like Trufant, Fluker, J. Williams, Bsnks, Elam, Carradine, and even M. Watson.

Jaguars Select: Cornellieus Carradine DE FSU (BAP that fills both a need and a want with this pick)

Pick 41 Overall

Jaguars Select: Eric Reid SS LSU (Satisfies a new glaring need- definitly will try for a quality safety early on.)

Round 3

Pick 64 Overall

Jaguars Select: Terron Armstead OT Ark-Pine Bluff (Great value pick for him. He is projected in the third round.)

Round 4

Pick 98 Overall

Jaguars select: Darius Slay CB Mississippi State (This is a stretch due to his combine performance, but his vslue has been consistanrly a late 3rd on most big boards. He may very well fall out of the 3rd round.)

Pick 105 Overall

Jaguars Select: Matt Scott QB Arizona (Lot's of interest here from the Jags - this pick is very likely. Expect a mid-round QB to be selected. Only talk has been of MAtt Scott.)

Round 5

Pick 135 Overall

Jaguars select: Johnathan Franklin RB UCLA (With MJD and Forsett at the Helm they still need to bring in young raw talent at the position. Coach your apprentice Jones-Drew.

Round 6

Pick 169 Overall

Jaguars Select: Sanders Commings CB Georgia (BAP cornerback in this round that's avsilable, whether it's Adrian Bushell, Terrsnce Brown, Sanders COmmings, or Sheldon Price)

Round 7

Pick 208 Overall

Jaguars Select: Onterio McCalebb RB Auburn (The Jaguars purely go for BAP this round and want a Speedster. They go for McCalebb or Ace Sanders this round.

Let me know what you think! Go Jags!

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