Another Mock Draft-no trades

Jaguars need a strong defense; back in 2005-2007 we had a feared defense possibly the most feared. We have really strained away from that in the past few years. We need to bring that back, whether you like it or not Defense wins games. Just look at this year’s Super Bowl, decent offenses, but great defenses. I say we strongly fix our defense and then fix our offenses. I have no idea on Gabbert anymore, I think it best to keep him, this year’s draft for QBs aren't that great, and it wouldn't be a bad idea to trade him.

1. JARVIS JONES OLB Georgia- I really like him, he does have injuries problems, but he gives it his all 100% of the time. Many people agree this is a early pick for him, it is risky but I believe it will be worth it. Linebackers are huge to a defense I think he can contribute to the Jags, risky but worth it.

2. ERIC REID SS LSU- This man can lay the hammer down and finish his tackles, which is a huge need the Jags who have struggled in the SS position since Donovan Darious, there is a chance he might not last this long but if he is there we need to take him. He is a hard hitting safety who is all over the field and is a great team leader.

3. RICK WAGNER OT Wisconsin- Pretty descent OT to help out front on the line which is needed, honesty I could go with any OT with this pick he just stood out to me the most. Montee Ball was a great RB from Wisconsin and you can’t run without the OL so Wagner had to help out with that this year. 3rd round pick I think is needed to take a OL man,

4. D.J. Swearinger, FS South Carolina- This is a FS who hits like a LB and he does have speed. If we got him and REID no RB is going to want run it straight up the gut on us. He is more a pick to lay guys out instead of coverage but face it our defense needs it. I would like to get him this late but there is a chance he could go early I would use this pick for some DB to get some deep ball help.

5. MARCUS LATTIMORE RB South Carolina- Obviously battling an injury right now, but if you watch him you know he has skill, and he wants to get back on the field to play again. I think he will go to the extreme to play football again. It wouldn't be a bad pick in the 5th round to get a back-up for MJD.

6. MarQueis Gray WR Minnesota- This 6’4 monster has speed and can catch anything. I have him as one of the most underrated WR in this NFL draft. We have Shorts who had a unbelievable year and Blackmon who caught on towards the end of the year to add another receiver with his talent would be a huge bonus. Sure he had a little schooling problem but that’s over now as he heads to the NFL, we need a tall WR so Gabbert or whoever can just throw it up there and he’ll come down with it. If our QB situation is bad we can through him in at QB

7. Honestly we could take anyone here, doesn’t really ever pay off (few exceptions: Sharpe, Colston, Marrion, Driver ) it’s the 7th round people nobody cares

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